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Thank you for travelling with AFC Holidays

We don’t want the first quarter of 2023 to pass without simply acknowledging the sheer amount of support we have received from everyone in 2022. You have chosen to trust our small team with your most precious travel plans and rekindled AFC Holidays’ inspiration in bringing the world closer to you for adventure. We are proud to have a community of globetrotters who will go with us to the most out-of-this-world yet captivating places. Cruising through the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea or walking on limestone pools or riding a hot air balloon in Turkey. We even chased after the big 5 animals of the Kenyan Safari for the perfect photo and took a cable car ride to the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps together, not to mention how we stayed in a glass igloo in Finland, waiting for the northern lights to come and grace us with dream-colored night skies.

We Love Taking You Places

Furthermore, we’re happy to see that our initiatives at making travel easier through effective tools and tech are really helping make travel more hassle-free and reliable. We hope you will continue supporting AFC Holidays in the year 2023, we are inspired more than ever to bring you anywhere in the globe, even the moon!

Thank you for trusting AFC Holidays. We hope to travel with you again soon.

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