Welcome back travelers!

As you start unpacking your bags and recover from that post-vacation tiredness, we think back on the incredible success this year has been so far, as well as the challenges the team has faced to get here—and we have you to thank for it, for supporting AFC Holidays. Though our team has become smaller in number, we grew exponentially in our will and passion for great travels. We’re continuously growing to take advantage of the tools we created with our own hands, of the technology that will help us take care of our clients in a systematic way. We’ve also learned that our 26 years of service empowered our team, to support each other and become champions in our industry, backed with a competitive mindset to do better and better each day.

Of course, this doesn’t go without a few setbacks, because some things are just out of our control. However, we continued with the mindset to decide what's best for our clients, so they wouldn't miss out on finding a great destination to explore.

We Love Taking You Places

We are working hard from all angles to bring our travellers' safe travels and unique adventures, some fresh new experiences in brand new destinations. Some went cruising through Greek islands or walking on travertines in Pamukkale, Turkey. Some traversed the Judean Desert to the Dead Sea in Israel. We're also happy to be travelling to Singapore and Malaysia again after the last couple years. With 1800+ Travelers to 28 Countries in Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Eurasia, and Southeast Asia. We're happy to achieve the highest milestone of our service, travelling with all 1800+ of you for Eid al-Adha, and we hope to continue this quality of service well into the National Holidays. Do look forward to your favorite Winter Destinations coming back, ready for you to explore this year.

Thank you for trusting AFC Holidays. We hope to travel with you again soon.

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