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COVID-19 Travel Information

Update 7 March 2021

AFC Holidays recognizes the number of uncertainties and safety concerns that overwhelm our globetrotters and loyal clients amid the Coronavirus outbreak that remains to plague various countries to this day. We understand more than anyone the inconveniences that it has caused travel plans that were made as well as the changes that it continues to put on your planning.

Moreover, as a direct representative of the travel and tourism industry, we feel the weight of our responsibility, to be attentive and monitor the situation and make sure that we are sending the right message, and are advocating your health and safety before anything else.

Hence, we have decided to make this statement to be transparent in how we go about our approach (to periodically update on this) and take it upon ourselves to work with relevant, trustworthy agencies as well as keeping contact with local reliable operators to make sure that all the countries in our offering are safe at the time of its promotion so that you may have a safe and worry-free holiday experience.

One of the primary initiatives that we have decided to employ in our future tours (starting in the year 2021) is making sure that we employ a seating coach that will enable us to accommodate the minimum requirement to apply social distancing in local transfers. We have also worked closely with local tourism boards and hotels to keep ourselves aware of the current observed protocols in the destinations that we’re promoting including curfews among other practices to go observe when traveling.

This is proven to be a good approach as we have successfully catered to 50 families of UAE Residents' travels and were very proud to see that they have come back safe and sound. We also have made certain that PCR Tests will be conducted and arranged in the hotel venues. Furthermore, we make sure that our clients will have no trouble coming back into the UAE through careful looking into formalities that may come into play.

AFC Holidays chooses to advocate and support many of our tourism partners all over the world who share the same values as we do. Seizing this opportunity to change the way people travel and ultimately put more focus on safety than we ever did before so that we can all grow out of this situation as a stronger industry through discovering new, more sustainable, tourism practices that focus on the well-being of the destinations and the travelers.

For the latest travel advisories please find below useful links:

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