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Switzerland Holiday Packages from UAE

Switzerland - An Unforgettable Holidays in the Alps

Switzerland, a land of snow-capped mountains, is the perfect destination to spend a perfect holiday. This beautiful country has been the favorite destination for solo travelers, families, and tour groups for its natural panoramic beauty. Witness the marvelous Rhine Falls and indulge yourself in winter sports including snowboarding and suspension bridge, where you witness the breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps at the Mouth Titlis. Enjoy nature's finest beauty while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.

Switzerland is known for its chocolate, cheese, and Swiss watches. The country has the best-quality chocolates and cheese. This country has stunning alpines, valleys, and springs. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Swiss lakeside villages. Explore crystal-clear water and make sure to visit lakes and natural springs. The tap waters come from natural springs and groundwater, which is drinkable and pure than bottle water.

Explore the tiny medieval towns in Switzerland and witness the unique architecture on every street. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes while exploring the ancient towns.

The cities and towns are connected to trams, buses, and trains. A single fare usually costs between 2.50 and 5 CHF (Swiss Franc), depending on the time and number of zones you travel to. The train is the most preferred mode of transportation in the country.

To capture every detail of the towns, valleys, and mountains, make sure to carry an extra camera battery and memory card. This beautiful country will leave you wanting to return! While booking your Switzerland package, be sure to go through the itinerary to learn more about the group tour. Book your holiday now with AFC Holidays! For any travel related inquiries, feel free to contact our travel agency. Our experts will assist you through your booking process.

Famous for,

Best Time to Travel

April through June or September and October is the best time to visit Switzerland


The currency is Swiss Franc. 1 AED is equivalent to 0.25 Swiss Franc

Visa Requirements

You should have a Schengen Visa to enter Switzerland

Flying Hours

6 hours and 55 minutes is the average flight time

The Swiss speak four different languages - German, French, Italian, and Romansh. English is widely spoken in Switzerland. Language won't be a barrier when in the country. When it comes to culture, they have strong mountaineering culture associated with folk art such as alphorn and yodeling.

When travelling, make sure to pack warm clothes, comfortable walking shoes, insect repellent and a universal charging adapter. Offline maps are a must when exploring the country.

Prices in Switzerland are non-negotiable. But if you feel the need to bargain, make sure you avoid aggressive tactics. There is no obligation when it comes to tipping in restaurants and cafes.

  • Important Documents I.e. Valid Passport, Electronic Air tickets.
  • Substantial USD in Cash.
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes.
  • Sun Cream and Insect Repellants.
  • GPS System/ Map Accessible Offline.
  • Phone Chargers and Power banks.
  • Universal Power plug Adapters.
  • Extra Camera Battery and Memory Card.
  • Basic OTC Medicines and Personal Prescriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Switzerland is known for its natural beauty. Some of the best places to visit are the breathtaking Alps, Rhine falls, Mount Titlis and the Framaunster Church.

There is no right time to visit Switzerland. It all depends on which season you want to enjoy. If winter, then the best time is December to February, autumn – September to December and summer – June to August.

To travel to Switzerland, you require to apply for Schengen visa. To apply for the Schengen visa you need to have last 3 months up to date personal bank statement (online will work) (Min 10-15k AED per person without sudden deposit).

Once you arrive to Switzerland, you will be accompanied by your acquaintances and the tour guide who will guide you to the locations mentioned in the Itinerary.

Some of the popular places you can visit during the day are Mount Titlis, Lucerne and Rhine Falls.