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Turkey Tour Packages from Dubai

Turkey - A Historic Wonder

Turkey, a country of incredible wonders, has attracted travelers from all around the world, which includes various groups of people, including solo travelers, group tours, and families, every year and is known as one of the most visited countries in the world. The country is known for its marvelous castles and delicious cuisine. Indulge in the rich culture of ancient Turkey as you set off on the Bosphorus dinner cruise and watch the iconic landmarks of the country by the bay.

Spend a whole day exploring the old city of Istanbul, witnessing the famous Hagia Sophia Mosque, which stands as a symbol of the Roman political tradition. While on a trip to Turkey, be sure to visit the Blue Mosque, the Obelisk of Theodosius, and the German Fountain of Wilhelm II. Witness the five tombs of Ottoman Sultans in the Topkapi palace and enrich your knowledge of the history of the palace. Experience the taste of the local culture in the bustling spice markets and shop for some spices, carpets, and Turkish delicacies like the Turkish delight.

This enchanting country has a lot to offer. Enjoy the scenic beauty of Turkey from up above in the hot air balloon, one of the favorite activities of visitors. Sip on the Karahayit red spring waters, which naturally appear red due to the mineral composition and are said to have a lot of healing benefits.

Soak in the natural limestone of the Pamukkale thermal pool, a breathtaking site well-preserved mineral-laden water body. Visit the ancient theater, the Isa Bay Mosque, and the home of the Virgin Mary, where she spent the last years of her life in Ephesus.

While exploring, make sure to wear comfortable shoes, carry a sun cream, an extra camera battery, or a memory card, and make sure you charge your phone to capture precious moments.

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Best Time to Travel

Spring, which is from April to May and autumn which is from September to October are the best times to visit Turkey.


The currency is Turkish Lira. 1 AED is equivalent to 7.72 Turkish Lira.

Visa Processing Time

Visa process takes 10-15 working days.

Flying Hours

5 hours and 04 minutes is the average flight time

Majority of the people in Turkey speak Turkish. English is widely spoken all over the country which makes it easier to communicate with the locals.

Offline maps are useful when you're exploring the city on your own. Make sure to pack additional clothes, sun cream and comfortable shoes.It's recommended to carry USD in cash, universal phone plug adapters and chargers.

Bargaining is very common in Turkey, especially in small shops and markets. If you feel something is expensive, you can bargain with the vendors. When it comes to tipping, it's very common to tip in the country. You can leave a tip for the waiter on the table.

  • Important Documents I.e. Valid Passport, Electronic Air tickets.
  • Substantial USD in Cash.
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes.
  • Sun Cream and Insect Repellants.
  • GPS System/ Map Accessible Offline.
  • Phone Chargers and Power banks.
  • Universal Power plug Adapters.
  • Extra Camera Battery and Memory Card.
  • Basic OTC Medicines and Personal Prescriptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Turkey is known for its historical attractions. The best attractions to visit are the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Blue Mosque, Pamukkale thermal pool and Ephesus.

Spring, which is from April to May and autumn which is from September to October are the best times to visit Turkey.

Once you arrive to Turkey, you will be accompanied by your acquaintances and the tour guide who will guide you to the locations mentioned in the Itinerary.

Some of the popular places to visit in Turkey during the day are, Hagia Sophia Mosque and Pamukkale thermal pool.