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United States Travel Guide Before You Go

21 Apr 22


The United States is synonymous with Liberty and Freedom. It’s a nation that takes pride in democracy and endless possibilities and opportunities. Hence, the known concept of the “American Dream”. It has become a haven for dreamers, this brought about a nation of not one culture but of a million.

It’s the land of many, which makes it simply an interesting enough place to go and visit. You can also check out AFC Holidays United States of America Tours. Here is AFC’s United States Travel Guide Before You Go.



ENGLISH is fluently spoken by a majority of Americans at almost 80% of the population.

Other languages spoken in the USA include: Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, French, Vietnamese, German, Korean, and Russian. These languages are observably spoken by their respective communities that reside in the USA.

What Weather to Expect in the United States

Weather to Expect in the United States

America’s climate spans many different profiles. It’s a massive country whose different states may observe different timezones and observe different seasons. A brief overview of what to expect is as follows:

What kind of clothes to pack in United States Travel Guide?

clothes to pack in United States Travel Guide

Humid Continental (Cool Summer): Bring versatile clothes as there may be extreme temperature changes.

   • Winter (December, January, February, and March) is very cold so it’s normal to wear a lot of fur and a lot of layers to keep warm. Wear boots with soft rubber soles and sunglasses to protect from the wind and brightness reflected from the snow.

Semiarid Steppe: Casual lightweight clothes and comfortable shoes.

   • Summers get extremely hot (July & August), bring breathable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

   • All buildings are air-conditioned so you can carry a pashmina or a light jacket to keep warm.

   • Winters are cold around 4°C so prepare layers if traveling around January and February.

Marine Westcoast: use sunscreen for protection. Use a pashmina, light jacket, or cardigan for comfort to take comfort from the ocean breeze. Dress warmly during wintertime.

United States Religion

United States Religion

PREDOMINANTLY CHRISTIAN with over 65% of the population. 43% are Protestants, 20% are Catholics, and 2% are Mormons. 26% of the population doesn’t belong to any formal religious community. Of the remaining population, there is a community of many other religions like Islam, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu.

With that in mind, travelers visiting the United States should practice respectful behaviors in and around places of worship.


United States Currency

United States Dollars (USD) - Easily exchanged from any other currency as it is one of the most accepted currencies internationally.

Should you bargain?

Haggling and bargaining are not common practices in the US. It would be more common in flea markets.

Should you leave a tip?

Tipping is standard practice in the US at 15% standard and 18-25% for good service.

How much is a day in the United States Travel?

Expect to spend a minimum of USD 75-300 per day or more depending on interest and choice of activity. Food is very cheap and affordable in the US. Outlet malls offer the best shopping experience in the country.

Power Plugs and Socket Travel Guide in the United States

Power plugs and socket in United States

United States uses Type A and B power plugs at 120 Volts and 60 Frequency. Bringing power plug adapters is advisable.

Getting Around United States

Getting Around United States Taxi

Major Tourist Cities in the United States are quite well developed in terms of public transportation, especially New York. Including the Metro and Taxi Cabs.

With that in mind, make sure to only cross the streets at zebra crossings and only when the lights are green. Furthermore, do not try to walk the streets with an open bottle of alcohol as you could be jailed for this.

One of the best ways to get around is by train and they’re very easy to follow with the use of a travel pass.

Most other states may heavily need someone to have their own car in order to navigate around town. The most-used ride-sharing or ride-hailing app in United States is the app Uber and Lyft (available on Android and Apple devices)

United States Travel Guide – The Checklist

United States Travel Guide

Travel Guide for Internet Everywhere in the United States?

Firstly, Tourists will hardly find any SIM cards with ready network access in airports. The best place to find SIM cards is at official retail stores and convenience stores scattered across the nation and acquiring SIM cards is quite easy,.

You will need your passport to purchase any SIM Card in the United States.

Some of the more common options for example include T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. (Starts at 30 USD)

Some would even suggest getting an e-SIM instead of the above options as there are many cheaper options and it will work as soon as you arrive.

United States Travel Guide to Bringing Medications

Firstly, prepare preferred over-the-counter medicines. Importantly, Keep them in original containers with labels for easy identification. Firstly, try to only bring in small quantities or as necessary. A simple first aid can include i.e. Diarrhea medicines, antacids, antihistamines, motion sickness, cough drops, decongestants, pain and fever relief, mild laxatives, bandages, and small antiseptic solutions accordingly. Lastly, don’t forget your masks and preferred sanitizer.

Moreover, Bring a doctor’s prescription for other prescriptions that you may have as needed. Similarly, check for the allowed amount of quantity depending on your stay.

Guide to Packing for a Trip to the United States

Avoid bringing pickled products or oil in the check-in bags as it could end up being opened or put on hold and won’t make entry into the country easy.

Check-in bags should not be locked. Only TSA-approved locks are allowed.

Now that you’ve read this United States Travel Guide

Finally, you are officially ready to travel to United States. Don’t forget that you’re always free to contact your AFC Representative if you have any more concerns before your departure! Lastly, We wish you safe and happy travels!

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