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The best of Morocco Portugal and Spain Here is why you should go NOW

03 Mar 19


Have you ever considered taking a holiday that combines history, architecture, natural beauty, and of course great food? Not to mention breathtaking mosques, churches, markets, hilltop monasteries…A peek into the rich culture and tradition is another perk.

We mean, of course, our bestselling three-country holiday package that takes you from the quaint coast of Morocco to vivid Portugal and through spectacular Spain. Explore the rich cultural tapestry of these destinations with our exclusive Morocco Tours Packages for an unforgettable and well-guided journey through these captivating countries.

Need a few more reasons to book this package right now?

Morocco Travel

Let’s start with Morocco.

Morocco is not just about mosques, markets, tea and carpets, but also about mountains, deserts and of course beaches…Morocco has a rich history and an exciting present and home to one of the biggest mosques in the world (and the most beautiful) – the Hassan II mosque.

Morocco Travel

Best Beaches of the world– Some of the world’s best beaches are to be found in Morocco. In fact, these glorious beaches can be found along the coast of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean (yes Morocco has the best of two). It is not surprising that the rich and famous movie makers constantly arrive in Morocco for little reason whatsoever.

The four Imperial cities of Morocco make it culturally and historically rich, attracting family and single travelers alike.

What you can expect to see…

Some of Morocco’s most beautiful buildings include the Hassan II Mosque (which stands partially over water with a 210m tall minaret) and Twin Tower in Casablanca, the Saadian Tombs in Marrakesh, the Grand Mosque in Tangier, and the Mosque and University of al Quaraouiyine in Fes, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kasbah of the Oudais, old medina, Hassan Tower and the Royal Mausoleum in Rabat.

What you can expect to eat…

Morocco is also renowned for its cuisine (heard of tagine and couscous), flavored by abundant spices found here, and its delicious pastries and mint tea.

Next, we move on to Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal is as historical as it can get. From ancient castles, notably Sao Jorge which sits on a hill with sweeping views over the city and Tagus River to a walking district named Alfama, Lisbon has it all.

With a castle of such repute, what more could you really want?

Alfama, Portugal – well, walking through this district will give you the distinct feeling of walking back in time. The perks, however, are many – like those breathtaking views of Lisbon you see in travel brochures. Not without reason is it called the soul of Lisbon!

Lady of Fatima, Portugal – The highlight of a trip to Portugal is the visit to Lady of Fatima, Portugal’s biggest religious shrine. Because it is here you will learn a little about the myth and an ancient belief in miracles. Interested? In 1917, three little girls herding sheep saw an apparition of Our Lady of Fatima – which continued to appear for months after. The shrine built in her honor is still visited by millions of devotee’s to this day.

Belem Tower, has stood test to time from the “Era of discoveries”. Today a UNESCO World Heritage site, its one of the most popular places to visit at the capital, Lisbon. The tower built in the 16th century, Belem Tower enjoys a UNESCO Worl

Belem Tower

Let’s conclude this holiday in Spain, shall we?

The third and of course, the most romantic bit of your holiday is – Spain. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s begin with all the reasons why you will fall in love with these cities.



It is said that 12 hours after you arrive here, you’ll have a friend – which says a lot about the friendly locals, right? Madrid also has the best weather and food in all of Spain, the best shopping and history of course! A must visit has to include the local Culinary market called the “San Miguel Merkat”



Everyone goes to Toledo – and with good reason. It was once known as the Imperial City. Today a “living museum” – its narrow streets lined with historical buildings are a sight to behold where one goes back in time when Islam & Christianity was practiced in peace.

Don’t Forget to pick up a smooth kitchen knife, this city is home to the worlds best kitchen knives Arcos.


A historical city overlooking the River Ebro, Zaragoza is also the country’s fifth biggest city and has some excellent Moorish architecture outside of Andulasia. The 11th-century castle, Aljafería Palace is filled with ornate Arabic arches and intricate carvings now that’s a great example of good architecture.


What you can expect to eat…

Morocco is also renowned for its cuisine (heard of tagine and couscous), flavored by abundant spices found here and its delicious pastries and mint tea.

The name itself sets the mood for your holiday, right? Why? Well, there are reasons and then some! Afterall Barcelona is a city that draws from its own unexplained energy and never fails to thrill a visitor. Ride on a roller-coaster of history, tradition, culture, nightlife, delicious cuisine and sights that make you want to come back, leaving you with the KAM-BAK KAM-BAK SYNDROME! (come back- come back) Barcelona was home of Pablo Picasso, which means there is definitely an artistic side to this city you must see!

Boqueria Market is another huge draw for visitors – standing on Las Ramblas, this section of the city is reputed for its Spanish food. You name it, and you’ll find it! Barcelona is a city that offers a vibrant city break and a relaxing beach holiday!

Barcelona Cathedral, one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture and the largest religious building in Barcelona is something history and culture buffs will love. Follow this up with a visit to Sagrada Familia, a hugely popular site in the city.

Boqueria Market

Olympic Village Once upon a time a dilapidated industrial zone, it reinvented itself during the 1992 Olympic Games. The Olympics is long gone and now this area has become a popular hangout for artists, visitors, and locals alike.

Bonus Tip:

Where to Nightlife? Barcelona- head to Port Olympic for great evening jams.

Where to Dine? Casablanca- Food Markets.

Where to Street Music? Madrid, at Plaza Espanya you will find many Buskers and creative artists bringing the square to life at any time of the day. BTW evening are merrier!