Are You Sick Of Staying Home? 🤧

Hey Globetrotters!

We hope you're doing well and hanging in there amidst all the difficulty the world is currently facing. Our prayers always come with sincere hope that this all passes soon the world can be open again for everyone to see.

For the meantime, we'd like to make sure that you are staying well and staying home, here is our 5 #StayHome Self-Care Guide that may inspire you to maximise the most of this situation to take care of your well-being to come out a better you after this all passes!


One of the biggest self-destructive factors of staying home in quarantine is that it can take a toll on your Mental Health. Staying cooped up (or worse, staying in bed) for a LONG TIME can wreck your self-motivation.

Accordning to the Center of Disease Control (CDC), the stress during a disease outbreak includes:

  • Fear for your own health and loved ones.
  • Changes in sleep or eating patterns
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating.
  • Worsening of chronic health problems due to anxiety.
  • Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, etc.

During this time, what you should be focusing on are our 5 points to take care of yourself which may also let you take care of your family and your community better.



Staying at home can really warp your sense of time and let your motivation plunge.

However, you must try to start your day as usual, get ready as usual, the world hasn't ended- why should you?

Plan the day with activities that you, your roommates or family can do. If you're working and living with kids, make sure they also have activities planned.


You don't need to have work-out sessions as intense as they do on instagram to stay active, or pressure yourself with a "change your body challenge".

Just move your body, stretching with deep breaths, or a simple 20-minute yoga session.

You can open a dance video on Youtube and just dance! Sweat away to refresh yourself.


You have all this time, why not maximise it by doing crazy new things that could be interesting to you?

You can test how much of resources you have that could help you online. Guides on drawing, language learning, crafts, dancing, and more!

Or you can just read books, listen to podcasts, the internet is your oyster when the world is at rest.


Speaking of the internet, it's not like we've all lost chance to communicate and stay in touch with our loved ones.

Take this time to have meals together and share jokes with family or roommates. Sense of humor is a good thing to celebrate!

You can also catch up with friends. See what everyone is up to!


But let it not eat away at your days! News about the pandemic should not go with your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pick once, stay alert, stay informed but also never panic. Contrary to what some may think, how you respond to the news may cause distress to those around you. If you stress out and panic, so will they. Make it a point to search at least 1-3 good news for the day to keep yourself on the positive track.

These are all things to keep in mind according to CDC on how to cope with dealing with a disease outbreak and having to be on quarantine.

We hope that these are things that could inspire you to maximise and make a positive turnout from what seems to be such a cloudy time.

We are definitely looking forward to all of us coming out of this safe and sound, happy and healthy.

Until then, take this time to rest and focus on self care.

We'll see the world with you again soon!