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Welcome to Italy Odyssey! A revamped and jam-packed cultural experience of Italy! It's no secret to anyone that Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world, and that's not something to be surprised about. This country lives and breathes art! Whatever was simply functional becomes an art form in Italy. From Food to Fashion, Architecture and many others, it convinces one to believe that Italy has a budding love affair with romanticising everything and making them its muse. Let us take you to the love affair to last you a century; From the fashionable streets of Milan to Rejuvenating scenes of Lake Garda. Venice's canals may play tricks and lead you straight to St Marks Square whichever way you go, Pisa might fascinate you for a day. Florence is surely a sight to behold and Rome, so full of fantasy. It's the most eventful and refreshing trip and it's surely not one to miss in this lifetime!


Welcome to Italy! Be greeted by the utterly sophisticated and elegant city of Milan! There is much to see as soon as you arrive. Make sure you’ve had sufficient rest during your flight because you’re about to see the city. Like most, the city of Milan is a wonderful mesh of past meets future and no city celebrates creativity as much as it does! We hope you’re looking fresh and photo-ready! You’re about to see Castle Sforzesco, The Historic center of Milan, with Photo-stop at the Opera house La Scala, Galleria, Duomo, and Santa Maria Delle Grazie. There is not enough words to express just how stunned we are with Milan, so take a stroll around the city after lunch before we depart for the hotel to let you rest. Overnight in Milan.

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It’s your first morning in Milan! Magical as it will continue to seem. We hope you’ve had a good amount of rest there is a long day ahead of you as soon as you’ve had your breakfast. Bid farewell to Milan and check out of the hotel, try not to be too sad for there is much more to come! Today’s Highlights are something to really be excited for—we’re heading to Padua! But not before making a stop at Lake Garda. It is the largest fresh water late in the whole country, it’s also undeniably the most picture-perfect one. Breathe in that fresh air and relish that glistening lapis blue waters. Relax and find rejuvenation being surrounded by such beautiful sights before continuing this ever-pleasing experience over Lunch. Next stop: after just a quick little hop from the shores of Lake Garda; is Verona the romantic city perfect for star-crossed lovers. Unleash your inner hopeless romantic and visit Verona Roman Arena and elope to Juliet’s House. You’ll be reaching and spending overnight in Padua

Included Meals: Breakfast

Good morning! What do you always think about doing when you’re in Italy? Why, a Gondola ride in the Venetian Grand Canals, of course! So have a hearty breakfast at the hotel and join us for a full-day string of indulgent leisurely activities. You shall board your boat as soon as you arrive in Tronchetto Board for an experience of a lifetime. Venice is surely known for so many things, it’s a masterpiece of a city built on water, and it’s the most romantic city where a gondola ride can easily feel like traversing back to the past. Not to mention the stunning glassworks, cafes and Venetian masks that await you. Every single thing whose beauty withstood time may seek immortality in this city. As soon as you arrive on the Island, join our local guide and head on over to St Marks Basilica being the most iconic landmark of the city. Don’t forget the glasswork appreciation at Murano Glass Factory to see the intricate process that goes into each and every masterpiece. Wander through the narrow streets of the city and worry not of getting lost as all lanes lead to St Marks Square. Take this chance to have that most-awaited gondola ride while being serenaded, or just have the most Venetian day possible at the shops and cafes all around the corner. Don’t forget to visit the Rialto Bridge and visit St. Anthony’s church in the evening. Overnight in Padua.

Included Meals: Breakfast

It’s your last day in Padua and we’re more than certain that it has been quite the magical journey! Goodbyes are tough but do look forward for more exciting experiences with us. Have a hearty meat at the hotel and we’ll all head on over to the city of Florence. It’s the mother of Renaissance, the epitome of romance and enchantment and there is no time to waste as we get down to business and bask through the city, To see the Florence Cathedral with its most-iconic dome designed by Dilippo Brunellschi and the green and pink façade. Next, the arch bridge of Ponte Vecchio that stands over the Arno River, the oldest of its kind in the city. The Palazzo Vecchio is one many others to see, this fortress palace is designed by Arnolfo di Cambio, the proud home to Michaelangelo’s sculpture; the Genius of Victory (Genio della Vittoria). One of Arnolfo’s works is the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore. The third largest church in the world. Proceeding to Signoria Square, Piazza del Duomo, and Piazza Santa Croce for the full spectrum of Florence exploration. It’s going to be an all-too-eventful day before you head back to your hotel, spending overnight in Florence.

Included Meals: Breakfast

Good morning Florence! It has only been your first morning but isn’t it already so magical? Warm up your tummies with a filling breakfast and visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa for a leisure time. Today you have a chance to see for yourself, The tower of Pisa. It is actually more accurately to be recognized as a bell tower. It is one of the four structures that make up the Cathedral Complex called Campo dei Miracoli or Piazza dei Miracoli which easily translates to “Field of Miracles”. What could be more surprising though is to find out that The Tower of Pisa isn’t really the only bell tower that leans in Pisa. Church of Nicola and Church of St. Michele dei Scalzi’s bell towers also lean. This all has something to do with Pisa being known for its “marshy” or soft-muddy lands. Make the most out of learning all these interesting things about Pisa as the driver shall take you back to your hotel in the late afternoon. Overnight in Florence

Included Meals: Breakfast

Ah, it’s the last day in Florence! But not necessarily the end to a wonderful trip. There is still much to see after a warm morning meal at your hotel before checking out for a drive to Rome. We are all too excited to show you this city so we’re immediately getting things into gear and giving you a Guided tour of Rome as soon as you reach. Keep your cameras ready because everything you’ll see seems straight out of a postcard—because it is! First things first, drive to the Colosseum because what, really, is a trip to Rome if you’re not going here! This is the most identifiable landmark of the city, a straight symbol of power and influence of the old Roman leaders and can seat over 50,000 people at its prime. Next, the Roman Forum to see the ruins of what used to be proud structures of an old empire. Next, is the Spanish Steps built in 1793, it links Trinita dei Monti with the Spanish Square right below. This series of 135 curved, straight, and terraced steps shall overlook Fontana della Barcaccia. Of course you simply must take this chance to make a wish and toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain. It is most famous for its magical secrets. Next is the Arch of Constantine for a photo-stop and a brief lesson on roman history before proceeding to Pantheon. A Roman Temple that remains one of the most symmetrical buildings in the world. End your experiences by taking trinkets and other things with you from the Novona Market. Proceed to the hotel for check-in and enjoy a well-deserved sleep as it has been the most eventful day. Overnight in Rome.

Included Meals: Breakfast , Dinner

We hope you are well-rested and ready! Today shall be the most awaited day for leisure so you can sit back and take Rome by storm by your own means, or you may join us to the City of Frascati. This city is most-renowned for its wines since Ancient Rome. The local guide will be meeting you at the town center. This is the day to learn about the history of Frascati and enjoying the delicacies they are most noted for like the Frascati Jug Wine. You will be given the opportunity to get to know local artisans and shop owners with so much stories to share. It is the perfect chance to mingle and more or less feel like a local. Everyone who lives in Frascati, knows every single person in Frascati! Taste their most-exquisite selections: Frascati Superiore DOCG, Red Vagnolo IGT and Sweet Cannellino DOCG. Each bottle will be described in detail by a local licensed sommelier. Later, enjoy your local signature pizza along with other local dishes to be enjoyed with an authentic extra-virgin olive oil native to Italy. Kick back and savor this moment gazing at the views of rome in the Distance. You will be driven back to your hotel in the evening and spend your last night in Rome.

Included Meals: Breakfast

Time has gone by so fast, it’s your last morning in Rome, in this mesmerizing country. Have a hearty breakfast and join us for the Morning Tour of Vatican. Including the Sistine Chapel and Museum. Vatican is actually a city-state. It is a country of its own (Smallest country in the world, really) But it is also embraced and surrounded by the city of Rome, which can already fascinate you in and of itself. Vatican serves as the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and has a population not more than 1000. It is the home to the Pope and is the grandest home of many such troves of iconic art and architecture throughout history. The Museum of Vatican’s Raphael Rooms and Sistine Chapel serves sanctuary to ancient sculptures and Renaissance frescoes. The Museum is possibly the largest museum complex in the world with over 1400 rooms and galleries housing art worth from the past three millennia. Sistine chapel is most remembered for Michaelangelo’s finest work as he was commissioned to paint the ceiling and did it ever so majestically! Photographs are prohibited inside this church so do your best to remember and engrave every sight to see in your memory. After all this, you have the afternoon free to shop and take leisure as you see fit, make the most out of your moments as you shall bid farewell and depart this city in the evening to take a flight back to U.A.E.

Included Meals: Breakfast ,Lunch

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Airport Transfers

7 Breakfasts , 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner

Return Economy Class Flight Ticket inclusive of meals and taxes

MILAN - Guided Tour of Milan , Free time for your own Activities.

VERONA - Lake Grada , Verona Roman Arena ,Juliets House

VENICE - Return Boat ride to Venice Island , Guided tour of Venice , Murano Glass Factory outlet , St Marks Square , St. Anthonys church

FLORENCE - Guided tour of Florence Covering most important Places , Time for Shopping.

PISA - Leaning Tower of Pisa & Free time.

ROME - ROME - Guided City Tour Covering important Attractions, Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel Entrance,


Travel Kit with special AFC Holiday Goodies

FREE Visa to Europe as part of the OFFER

Professional Pre-Tour-Brief for all guests

Complete Customer Journey and Quality Monitored Customer Service

Professional Tour Escort

Optional Tour

Full day Frascati City , Wine Tour & Pizza Making with Lunch




Castle Sforzesco

Historic center of Milan

Opera house La Scala



Santa Maria Delle Grazie


Lake Garda

Verona Arena

Juliets House



St. Marks Basilica

Murano Glass Factory Outlet

Rialto Bridge

Venice Grand Canal

The Basilica of St. Anthony


Florence Cathedral

Ponte Vecchio

Republic Square

Palazzo Vecchio

Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore

Signoria Square

Piazza del Duomo

Piazza Santa Croce

Leaning Tower of Pisa


Arch of Constantine


Novona Square

Photo stop at The Colosseum

Pass the Roman Forum

Stop by the Trevi Fountain

Vatican Museum

Sistine Chapel

Visa Information

One recent photographs

Bank Statements

Copy of UAE residence visa

Copy of confirmed hotel reservation

Copy of confirmed round trip tickets

No objection letter on Companys letterhead and Official Stamp

Travel Insurance valid for the duration of stay in the Schengen area

The original and a copy of the passport of the applicant with a copy of the UAE residence visa and all previous Swiss or Schengen visas

Must See

Tower of Pisa


Milan Duomo

Vatican Museum

Must Do

Winery Tour

Gandola Ride in Venice

Murano Glass Factory


Must Eat

Italian Pizza




Must Buy

Hand-Painted Ceramics


Murano Glass

Florentine Chocolate

Tour Gallery

Travel Tips

Carry sunscreen and sunglasses every day with you while you are travelling

Having a travel Insurance is very important!

Be on time as advised by the dedicated tour manager

Scan your passport/ identity card photos and save them in your mobile

Self-educate yourself about the local customs of the country before you arrive. You obviously don‘t want to offend anyone while you travel!

Try learning a few words of the language of the country you are visiting

Always carry a photocopy of your itinerary with yourself

Be kind, polite & Smile often! Being part of a group tour will definitely make it easier for you to make your new travel buddies.

Carry an extra pair of clothes when you are catching a flight in your handbag in case of any unexpected delays

Charge all your gadgets whenever you get time. A great tip - you‘ll find a USB charging port at the back of your hotel TV!

Get earplugs and a sleep mask along with you! They can be very helpful when you are flying or especially during your inter-country commute via tour bus

Track your spending when you‘re on the trip! It can be tiresome but you‘ll always be well-informed about all your expenses and the remaining travel budget amount

Let your bank know that you‘ll be travelling so your card is not blocked for sudden international usage

As tipping is habitual in most of the countries, it‘s not polite to walk out of the restaurants without tipping anything. You can tip somewhere between 10 to 20 per cent of the total bill value

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