We remind ourselves to say thanks to all the HEROES that have been working non-stop by their sheer passion for the better health of all.

We salute you all for working without rest, regardless of the risks that it should put you in. Being in the frontline of the war against disease.

We pray for your health and strength that will allow us all to rise against the tide and combat this disease.

Our prayers also include the safety of non-medical frontliners like the police department, medical maintenance staff, people working in pharmacies and supermarkets, the people who deliver food and supplies to those in need.

We have colossal respect and gratitude to everyone who has been working hard to support us through this.

We hope everyone gets through these challenging times with flying colors and may the pride of being part of making the world better live with all of you as a badge of honor for the rest of your lives.

More power and strength to you all.


AFC Holidays