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The Golden rules of travelling.
1. Pack light
2. Be safe
3. Have fun
Sit back and relax. We’d like to share some ideas with you to make your holiday more enjoyable, memorable and most importantly stress-free/fuss-free!


Pack like a Profi
1. Roll, don’t fold
By keeping your clothes in compressible bags and in categories, it saves more space for your souvenirs and shopping bags and it saves time in finding what you need.
2. Wrap your shoes
Use shower caps to cover the bottom of your shoes and keeping them in shape
3. Tangled cables?
Worry no more, use eyeglass cases to keep them organized and protecting them from bending and breaking.
4. Cheap jewelry box
Keep your accessories; earrings, necklaces, pins in a pill container or bead box.
5. Small bottles do the trick!
Take along your toiletries in small bottles, put some plastic wraps under the bottle caps and keep them in Ziploc bags. A double protection from any possible leakage!
6. Extra pair of essentials
Keep an extra pair of clothes and toiletries in your carry-on baggage. In any event that your flight or luggage is delayed, you still have your essentials!
7. Ziploc bags to the rescue

Pack along these babies to separate your dirty laundry and to replace the bags for your toiletries.

Fly in Comfort
1. Early bird gets the worm
Do early check-ins to select the best seats. Arrive at the airport early to avoid traffic and long queues.
2. Having a hard time to sleep on the flight?
Take along a travel pillow or head restraint, eye mask and your favorite fuzzy socks! That’ll do the trick!
3. Bored throughout the flight?
Entertain yourself! Bring along your electronic gadgets and some of your favorite good reads! Helps a lot especially during a long flight.
4. Loud neighbors?
Wear ear plugs or noise-cancelling earphones to escape from crying babies or a chatterbox family!
5. Combat the dryness
Drink plenty of water during the flight. Eye drops, moisturizer and face mist would come in handy.
6. Be comfy; be yourself
Especially during a long flight, change into your comfy outfit, take off your shoes, move around and stretch for better circulation!
7. Refresh again
Pack along your toothbrush or check with the airline if it is provided. Freshen up yourself before landing, feeling new and energetic again!

Being Safe
1. Your identity
Scan a copy of your passport, identity card, flight tickets and other important documents. Keep them safe in your web based email account, smartphones or tablets.
2. Emergency contacts
In any event that you are lost or your credit cards got stolen, it is always good to have the right numbers to call.
3. Money exchange
It is always a pain in butt to think of losing so much hard-earned money for the exchange fees. Minimize the cost by exchanging at the local banks, exchange bureaus or post offices. Another trick is to withdraw from the local ATM machine as much as you need for the whole trip.
4. Split your valuables
Keep your valuables separated, stash some cash in your socks, under shoe inserts, money belts, even in your toiletry bag. When was the last time you heard people stealing a toiletry bag?!
5. Credit card payments
Use credit cards to make large purchases or hotel bills payment avoiding the hassle of carrying huge amount of cash around with you having the fear of losing it!
6. Nickels and dimes
In countries like England and Europe it is very common to carry nickels and dimes. However, once you leave the country, it is of no cost as your hometown banks will not accept and exchange for you. Use all of them before leaving the country. Buy souvenirs, buy a hot cup of coffee and croissant, spend it!

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