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Crazy Rich Singapore The Creme de la Creme Experience

09 May 19


In the year 2018, the romantic comedy movie “Crazy Rich Asians” took the world by storm with its mind-blowing peek into the lives of the extra, extra, EXTRA, and lavish lives of the elites of Singapore Travel. We knew they were rich, but we didn’t know they were insurmountably so!

Just when you think the hype is over—it really could never be over just like that! Here’s to concluding the “Crazy Rich” hype, by going to the home of it all—Singapore!

Everything looks better with a little sparkle

First of all, we weren’t the only one who wanted to experience the glitz for ourselves, right?

There’s still no getting away from seeing Singapore without going to Marina Bay Sands. The skyline view itself speaks the epitome of the crazy rich life. Moreover, it has been said to be Southeast Asia’s Las Vegas. That’s a tough thing to pass up on if you’re going for that vibe.

If you’re a nightlife kind of person, make a quick stop at CÉ LA VI Club Lounge. It’s one way to feel the fantasy!

Crazy Rich Asians

Where advanced architecture pays homage to nature

After a quick lounge, cover all the stops and head on over straight to Gardens by the Bay and wander under the Sky Trees, simmer into the fantastical moment in the midst of flora and grand man-made structures. Who would’ve thought that nature could mesh so perfectly with futuristic-looking architecture?

It’s going to be a day of appreciation to how well modern design meshes well with nature in Singapore. It’s infinitely springtime in Flower Dome, and we live for it!


Brace yourself for Singapore’s mind-blowing sense of acronyms

Get ready for a whole load of plot twists because the next stop is CHIJMES (Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus Middle Education School)— It reads “chimes”; Singapore loves its acronyms.

And you may be asking yourself—Wait, I thought we were doing this around the whole “Crazy Rich Asians” theme—Hold on to your horses.

CHIJMES is actually a restored gothic church, convent and orphanage turned into a modern lifestyle-integrated center and now houses various restaurants, cafes and wellness centers. Recreation and pilgrimage is a thing to look forward to.

Extra? You will not see the last of it when you’re in Singapore

Extra? You will not see the last of it when you’re in Singapore

Of course, that isn’t where the flashy sights and experiences end—Singapore offers you Orchard Road which was a town filled with plantations and farms turned to become Singapore’s proudest luxury shopping district.

Here you will see TANGS, One of the oldest department stores in Singapore as well as the futuristic ION Orchard with its dazzling architecture.

The Grande Whisky Collection

If you’re a collector of fine bottles of liquor, or just curious, then make a stop at The Grande Whisky Collection.

Fashion and streetwear enthusiasts (and bargain shoppers alike) will be able to enjoy Far East Plaza to cover their shopping spree needs.

Not to mention that Far East Plaza covers things from fashion to wellness, and a great deal on electronics too.

welcomes you with open arms

The Hipster Singaporean scene welcomes you with open arms

If you’re more on the humble crazy-rich scene, don’t miss visiting the hip and trendy Haji Lane. The aesthetically loud murals and the vibrant climate.

This indie district speaks of a quality unique experience. From trendy juice bars (Juice Clinic) to Aussie-Asian food (The Hangar) for interesting fusion of flavors.

Hipster-themed Halal cafes too hipster to ignore? I am… serves burgers you are meant to get your hands dirty for!

Blu Jaz café

Haji Lane is home to all the underground parties and chill spots, take Going Om for example. Literally set to be a sanctuary place for the cool kiddos of Singapore to just enjoy a cold one, kick back with some quality live music. If jazz is more your alley then Blu Jaz café should be your cup of tea.

Haji Lane’s shops will truly cover all the stops should you find yourself in Singapore.


Come to think of it, it’s not really a good Singapore experience if you’re not covering all the bases. Thankfully, Haji Lane does just that. Singapore’s got you covered on shopping escapades. For example, they have Hygge (a café turned lifestyle boutique). If you’re looking away from the standard Singapore merchandise i.e. key chains and t-shirt. Then personalize your souvenir trinkets at Hygge.

Drunken Balloon

Celebrate your uniqueness and interests by going to these places

At the end of Haji Lane, you will also find Drunken Balloon (it’s really hard to miss). It seems like a party needs store, but it’s really not. Drunken Balloon is a novelty store.

You will find interesting items as well as entertainment supplies in here like board games and some retro-themed items.

And if you’re feeling crafty, try Crafune where you can make your own wallets, passport holders, and key chains from animal-friendly plant-based tanned leathers from Italy.

Tokyo bike

Tokyobike - Signature minimalist Japanese-style bikes. More on personal taste for cycling which prioritizes aesthetic over speed. Do you like the sound of that? Wait ‘til you hear you’re allowed to take them out for test run.

If for some reason you’ve always been curious about rather particular things. Take for example, Ouija Boards and Tarot Cards. Then Life by Design – New Age Spiritual Centre is your perfect stop.

They have very whimsical items that cover things right down to books of spells and the works of magic in general.

Maxwell Food Centre or Newton Food Centre

The real crème de la crème of your Singapore experience?

Singapore Travel Guide to the culture. For example, it’s not a Singapore experience if you’re not going to a Hawker Centre. Say—Maxwell Food Centre or Newton Food Centre?

Try your hand at some Chicken Rice Mee Pok, Har Mee, Char Kway Teow. Sounds really wild and diverse right? That’s just the noodle department. Don’t be too overwhelmed to eat when you get there!

The crazy rich is never in black and white– It’s never strictly glitz not strictly banal. The elites of Singapore also love their street cuisine– It’s all about quality life experiences spent with a quality mindset.

With that in mind, here are bonus tips:

• Staycation Dinner? Singaporean McDonald’s Rendang Burger

• Nightlife? Ann Siang Hill

• Instagram-worthy Pictures? Joo Chiat and Katong

• Quality Dining? Straits kitchen Grand Hyatt