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Uzbekistan Travel Guide Before You Go

13 Jul 21


Want to explore the vast nature of Uzbekistan? We all recognize it through its Azure ancient cities along with vast mountainous sceneries. Not to mention a history like you’ve never heard before. Take the time to read AFC’s Ultimate Uzbekistan Travel Guide Before you go. It is definitely a good idea to give this a read before you do so that you can best prepare for your trip.


The Local language is UZBEK; Many locals speak RUSSIAN due to historical reasons. Major cities like Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva will have more people speaking basic non-conversational ENGLISH which is generally learned for the sake of tourism.

It is best advised to choose the simplest words to use when communicating. If you have access to an offline translator it will also be helpful.

What Weather to Expect

What Weather to Expect

Uzbekistan enjoys FOUR SEASONS throughout the year as follows:

• Spring (March to May): Ave. 6°C to 21°C (43°F to 70°F)

• Summer (June to August): Ave. 18°C to 34°C (65°F to 94°F)

• Autumn (September to November): Ave. 7°C to 21°C (45°F to 70°F)

• Winter (December to February): Ave. -2°C to 7°C (29°F to 45°F)

What kind of clothes to pack?

March: Umbrella/Raincoat/Rain Bag(Waterproof). Rainfalls due to season change. *Rainiest Months

March-May: Moderately cold temperatures, bring jackets

June-August: Bring appropriate sun protection products + sunglasses if necessary, Light cotton clothing

September-November: Moderately thick clothes/ jackets, jumpers/sweaters, and scarves

December-February: Thick Wooly Clothes + Winter Boots + Scarves + Gloves

All Seasons: Comfortable walking shoes.

Uzbekistan Religion

Uzbekistan Religion

PREDOMINANTLY SUNNI MUSLIMS Islam has existed in this nation since the 8th Century; even today about 3/4 of the entire population continues to practice this. Hence, they have been considered to be one of the most devout Muslims in all of Central Asia.

Tourists have to be mindful and observe respectful behaviors when in monasteries, churches, or other places of worship.


Uzbekistan Currency

UZBEKISTAN SOM (UZS) - The country widely accepted USD before 2017. Today all transactions are settled in Uzbek Som. This is easily exchanged from USD. Above all, make sure to keep notes in good condition for the exchange. Additionally, EUR Exchanges are significantly rarer in comparison but not impossible.

The official exchange booths can be found at Tashkent International Airport (Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport), select local hotels, and the National Bank of Uzbekistan.

Should you bargain?

Tourist souvenir stalls, taxi drivers, and bazaars are not unfamiliar to tourists bargaining. However, most of the locals practice sensible pricing even towards tourists so haggling to half the price could be a bit much.

Should you leave a tip?

Most restaurants will have a service charge of 10-15% on top of your bill. You can check if it’s not included and leave a tip. Local hospitality servers will definitely appreciate this and encourage a welcoming nature towards tourists.

Tour guides would appreciate a tip after excursions, especially from larger groups of tourists.

How much is a day in Uzbekistan?

Minimum USD 40 per day or more depending on interest and choice of activity.

Power plugs and socket

Power plugs and socket in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan uses Type C and F power plugs at 220 Volts and 50 Frequency. Bringing power plug adapters is advisable.

Getting Around

Getting Around

Getting from one town to the other is relatively easy in Uzbekistan with the help of trains. For instance, there is a high-speed train (skorostnoy) covering Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. On the other hand, make sure you are not confusing this with progorodny trains. They are twice as slow and booking a shared taxi could be faster.

Furthermore, speaking of shared taxis, this is another easy way to get around the country along with ordinary taxis.

Lastly, Tourists may also opt for ride-sharing or hailing apps like Rida, or Yandex Taxi.

Uzbekistan Travel Guide – The Checklist

Uzbekistan Travel Guide

Need Internet Everywhere in Uzbekistan?

Make sure to buy your local Uzbekistan SIM card from trusted provider outlets. Don’t buy SIM Cards from suspicious sources. This is a very dangerous practice because it could be registered under another person’s name.

You will need your passport to buy a SIM Card. Some sellers could also ask for proof of stay at your hotel. Some of the more common options include Ucell, Beeline Uzbekistan, Mobiuz, and UzMobile.

Costs may vary as some would sell sim cards separate from your desired data plan. Weekly plans can start around 5052 UZS (Around 0.50 USD).

Uzbekistan Travel Guide to Medications

Prepare preferred over-the-counter medicines. Keep them in original containers with labels for easy identification. Firstly, try to only bring in small quantities or as necessary. A simple first aid can include i.e. Diarrhea medicines, antacids, antihistamines, motion sickness, cough drops, decongestants, pain and fever relief, mild laxatives, bandages, and small antiseptic solutions accordingly. Lastly, don’t forget your masks and preferred sanitizer.

Bring a doctor’s prescription for other prescriptions that you may have as needed. Similarly, check for the allowed amount of quantity depending on your stay.

Now that you’ve read this Uzbekistan Travel Guide

Uzbekistan Travel Guide

You are officially ready to travel to Uzbekistan. Don’t forget that you’re always free to contact your AFC Representative if you have any more concerns before your departure! We wish you safe and happy travels!