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FIVE reasons why you will never want to leave Venice

03 Sep 18


We are absolutely certain of Venice (also called the floating city) being on the bucket list of every traveller! And it should be too! After all, it is VENICE! Few places have been as romanticized as Venice. We bet this city on water features in movies of all language at least once! Its pretty waterways and ornate architecture and cobbled streets make it very special, drawing people back to it, time after time. Come fall in love with Venice.

Venice Place

Here are five reasons why we think you will never want to leave Venice.

Gondola Rides

Imagine meandering through narrow canals, under low bridges with a singing gondolier steering your gondola deftly around the intricate network of islands! Every bridge you pass under is going to enthral you in some way. It is not uncommon to find honeymooners floating away blissfully, unmindful of everything around them. If this does not make you want to pack your bags, we have more reasons for you to visit. Explore the romantic charm of Venice with our curated Venice Tour Packages for an enchanting and unforgettable Italian experience.

The Bridge of Sighs, one of the most notable bridges in Venice

The Bridge of Sighs, one of the most notable bridges in Venice.

Interesting souvenirs for sale near the San Marco Square

Interesting souvenirs for sale near the San Marco Square.

It looks fictional

Hollywood or Bollywood – everyone at some point or the other has had Venice as the backdrop in the films. In fact, when you visit Venice, it looks straight out the movies – the gondola, the bridges, the masks, cathedral – it is like a movie come true.

The coffee culture

The coffee culture

Few places in the world can claim to have coffee ingrained so deeply into their daily life as Venice. A true Venetian will always begin the day with a steaming cappuccino – nothing else will do. Truth be told, there is something so calming to sip a good cup of coffee in a Venice café by the water that you will be forced to return just for this experience alone. No wonder that the good Lord Byron made this city his temporary home for a few years – he clearly had a taste for Venetian coffee alright! What’s more, Venice also boasts of one of the oldest cafes in Europe – Caffe Florian.

Great food scene

And why not! Venice sits on the lagoon so naturally, the food is guaranteed to be fresh! Seafood lovers will find it especially tempting – thanks to the abundance of seafood restaurants in the city, all serving up fresh and delicious food.


Venice is an architectural marvel – to begin with, its location makes it a marvel itself but adding to its allure are great buildings that make you feel like you’re stepping back in time. For example, the gothic Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s to the Ca’ D’Oro with its Islamic influences. Well, remember when you are in Venice, always keep looking upwards – so that you don’t miss the architectural beauty of this place. Make sure that you get lost here – that way, you will definitely end up seeing a lot more!

Beautiful paintings adorn the cathedral Beautiful paintings adorn the cathedral Beautiful paintings adorn the cathedral

Beautiful paintings adorn the cathedral