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Japan is a country you will easily fall in love with

03 Oct 18


Japan is a country you’ll easily fall in love with


Japan is as different as it can get – but that said, once you are here, you don’t want to leave! You are guaranteed to fall in love with the culture, food, tradition, and most of all – the people! As you travel on Shinkansen (bullet trains) from Tokyo to Osaka to Kyoto, you are greeted with so many new sights, sounds, traditions, and experiences that you will wonder why you never visited before. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Japan with our curated Japan Travel Packages for a seamless and unforgettable journey. We can give you a thousand reasons to visit Japan quite easily, but we’ll stick to the most obvious ones! So what are they? Well, let’s begin with the cherry blossoms?

Reason # 1: The beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan

Beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan

Nothing comes close to the beauty of a city in bloom – quite literally. Come spring and the city turns pink, thanks to the hundreds of cherry blossoms in bloom. Cherry blossoms of Japan find a mention in poems, paintings, art – in just about everything you can think of – and on a Starbucks coffee as well. Poetry sessions are held beneath the sakura trees and families gather to celebrate life and light up their barbecues when the trees are in bloom.

Reason #2: Food

Japan Food

In fact, food should be the first reason to visit Japan, but we will go with second! Japan is home to the best and the healthiest food in the world. From the sight to the smell and its presentation, Japanese food is a source of delight for all the senses. In fact, the desire to east sushi and sashimi could easily be the reason to visit. Sushi here is unlike anything ever experienced. Did we mention tempura and Ramen and the delicious saki? Go try it.

Reason #3: The history

Japan history

Japan’s history is major reason for people to visit. It continues to hold appeal for visitors and historians alike. Across the country is an array of mesmerizing temples, shrines and palaces to explore. Wander through the sacred structures and feel the historical and emotional weight they carry. Make sure you visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki to get an insight into Japan’s recent history.

Reason #4: Shinkansen


You cannot leave Japan without riding its famous bullet train or Shinkansen. These superfast trains are never known to arrive late. Never! It is an experience just riding these beauties it will make you forget every other method of transport! It goes up to a whopping 300kmph. Go ride one!

Reason #5: The city’s energy

Think Japan think vibrant cities – be assured that no other city in the world delivers the energy those cities of Japan do. Take Tokyo for example. It is an undeniably vibrant and buzzing city, holding within it a wide range of exciting attractions – including Disneyland- to enjoy. Although the city is quite modern, containing a collection of theme parks such as Disneyland, scattered throughout the city are also a range of temples, markets and palaces to explore. Kyoto – Japan’s former is a much more traditional city but has enchanting range of temples, bamboo forests and mountainside shrines offering very traditional memorable experiences.

What not to miss in Tokyo


Niju Bashi: Tokyo’s most famous bridge leading to the Imperial Palace. Tokyo Observation Tower: Admire panoramic sights of the city as you ascend 332.9 meters to The Tokyo Tower observation deck. The tower is a communication and observation tower that is the second tallest structure in Japan.

Ginza: Tokyo’s shopping district for all things shopping – this is where you load up on clothes to toys, gadgets to stationery, food to household items and so much more.

Not to miss in Kyoto

Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji Temple): A gold plated visual bliss. Surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking a large pond, the temple radiates zen. Kiyomizu-dera Temple: A self-governing Buddhist temple and also the most visited temple in the city. A definite highlight is the wooden balcony protruding from the main hall. Gion district: Known as most popular area for traditional entertainment such as tea ceremonies and geisha acts, shopping for local goodies and trendy restaurants.

Get away from the city…

Get away from the city

Make you way out of Tokyo to Mt. Fuji; an active volcano based southwest of Tokyo and one of the most recognized symbols of Japan. It’s the tallest and Holy Peak of Japan at 3779m tall. Rise up 2300 meters to Fuji Subaru 5th Station for unadulterated views of the Fuji five lakes region.