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Phuket is the perfect island getaway

07 Nov 18


Phuket is the perfect island getaway


Phuket is a beach destination that merits many long descriptions and stories. But we’ll have you know that in Phuket, it is not always the white beach and the blue waters (example Ko Phi Phi made famous by the movie The Beach) that attracts visitors! There are many more reasons to visit this beautiful island that has nothing to do with its history and beauty. Food and nightlife are definitely two reasons, but there is more. Here is why we think you will fall in love with this place. Explore the allure of Phuket with our exclusive Holiday Packages From Dubai for a seamless and memorable tropical getaway.

Go island hopping

Go island hopping

Phuket is the base for some of the best beaches and dive sites. For example, Koh Phi Phi (as picture perfect as you saw in The Beach and then some) and Phang Nga Bay, with its soaring limestone cliffs rising right out of emerald blue waters are simply mind blowing. James Bond Island and Koh Panyee are two other famous spots in this bay you should not miss.

The nightlife in Phuket is amazing

Who can resist the feisty nightlife in a Thai town! And this is Phuket after all! A night stroll through the town will bring you to many nightclubs and shows. For some nocturnal fun, there is no place like Phuket. Come prepared to enjoy the nightlife – it can be a bit of an assualt on your senses, to say the least. But chill, you are in Phuket!

Head up to the View Point at Karon

Phuket’s most popular View Point, Karon, as expected is crowded nearly always. But you can arrive early to watch the sun rise over the Andaman Sea. There is a reason why this place is popular – because from high up here, you see the Andaman Sea one one side and the other direction points towards the three west coast beaches on the other side of the island.

The Big Buddha is really BIG

The Giant Buddha sits on the top of Nakkerd Hill and can be seen from almost everywhere in Phuket. At 45 m height, it is definitely unmissable. Besides this statue is another, although smaller golden image (said to bemade off brass but gleams like gold). It is a good idea to drive up to the statue for not only amazing views, but also to get yourself oriented with the city.

The night markets

The night markets

Phuket night markets are legendary. In fact, you will see more people here at night than you’d probably see in the day – thanks to its unique and quaint charm! This is where tourists converge for their last minute souvenir buying spree at remarkably low rates. But it is the food that keeps the night market alive. The best local food can be found here – along with some street performers and music and dance to keep you entertained.