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Hong Kong is the Pearl of the Orient

11 Nov 18


Hong Kong is the Pearl of the Orient

Hong Kong is the Pearl of the Orient

Now the BIG question. Why Hong Kong? Simply put, Hong Kong is the Pearl of the Orient – which really means that is has a multitude of superlatives, great dining, nightlife, shopping, views…and of course, there is Disneyland too! Hong Kong offers a rich cultural experience – and that is something one doesn’t expect to find in this financial destination of the Orient. It is a fusion of many cultures where remnants of its colonial past and the British culture and values share space with the Chinese tradition. Did you know that Hong Kong has one of the finest transport systems in the world? Big Bus, ferries, tramway, trains…there is everything. Let’s break it down for you.

Its a shoppers mecca

Its a shoppers mecca

The number of shopping malls, markets, and shops in Hong Kong is simply mind-boggling (if not downright overwhelming). Here, antiques and luxury fashion, gadgets and Japanese gourmet snacks share space. In fact, there is nothing that you cannot find here. It is impossible to leave this city without shopping – be it at the Temple Street Night Market or the Ladies Market or one of the high-end luxury malls where luxury meets modern Chinese fashion. Explore the diverse shopping experiences in Hong Kong with our curated International Tour Packages for a memorable and delightful journey.

The view from The Peak

Get on the Peak tram and ride all the way to the highest point in Hong Kong. This is the perfect vantage point for the snap-happy among you to camp out until the sun sets. Look down at the top of the city’s skyscrapers or watch the ferries and boats sail over the glistening body of water. Include this breathtaking experience in your Hong Kong picks for February , and capture the city's beauty in its winter charm. Did you know that Hong Kong has the world’s largest collection of skyscrapers?

It is the dining capital of the world

Fondly called HK, this city is a foodies dream come true. In fact it is home of a large number of Michelin star restaurants and sooner or later anyone with skills lands up here and works up something delicious and different. No wonder it is called the culinary capital of Asia. It has abundance of mouth-watering international dining options. Apart from trying the regional Cantonese food, you can indulge in authentic Asian and western cuisines. The local dim sum and fresh seafood are must-tries!

Hong Kong

Street food is delicious and varied

Hong Kong has a long history of producing cheap, hot and delicious street food. The most famous local specialties include curry fish balls, stinky tofu, egg waffles and egg tarts and eel skins. But that is just one part of it, trust us!
What not to miss: Dim sums. It is more like a tradition here and not to be missed. Served in bamboo steamers (and stuffed with lots of different things) it is best eaten hot and accompanied with Chinese tea! In fact eating dim sum is more like a social activity best enjoyed with friends.

Street food Hong Kong Street food Hong Kong Street food Hong Kong

The street markets are out of this world

Yes, the city’s many pristine shopping malls are impressive, but immerse yourself into one of Hong Kong’s vibrant street markets to get under the skin of real Hong Kong. Your choice of markets are many – and no matter what you are looking for – food or silk, you will find them all – and at very reasonable prices as well. Try your hand at bargaining too – it works.

Nightlife at its best

To experience Hong Kong’s nightlife, Lan Kwai Fong is the place to go. This tiny neighborhood in Central is just minutes away from Hong Kong’s business and financial center. It’s packed with upscale clubs and restaurants, and boasts some of the best bars and parties in Asia. Don’t miss the fun at night in Hong Kong. You will find the place that fits your interests. Most bars and pubs are located in east Tsim Sha Tsui, Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai. Don’t miss the night cruise at the Victoria Harbor to enjoy the view and the Symphony of Lights.

Don’t miss: Hong Kong may be famous for its energetic nightlife scenes where the party never stops, but there is nothing like enjoying a drink or two at 1608 ft above sea level and admiring the breath taking view of the city at Ozone Bar. Check it out.