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Why Musandam should be your next break

19 Nov 18



How is your upcoming holiday plan shaping up? If you are living in the UAE and facing the ultimate travel-challenge of where you should go for a break, we present to you Musandam! Musandam is just 'there' – easily accessible by car, and the drive is spectacular. Located in the neighboring Oman, it is but a 3 hours drive from Dubai (longer if you are in Abu Dhabi). Musandam is almost untouched and pristine, which adds to its charm. It is, however, becoming increasingly popular with tourists and day trippers from the UAE, and with good reason. Explore the beauty of Musandam with our exclusive Holiday packages from UAE for a convenient and well-guided experience. So why you should spend your short break here?

Well, there are several reasons

1. The fjords are magnificent: Okay, so we are not talking of Norway-sized fjords, but the fjords in Musandam are equally delightful and spectacular. The high, rocky cliff rise out of the blue waters of the gulf making for a beautiful sight as you cruise through. In fact, you can even attempt to climb these cliffs (if you are trained to, of course), but as far as rock climbing goes, this is the perfect spot.

2. Go on a dhow cruise and watch dolphins: Dhows, or traditional wooden boats are a thing here – in fact, no visit is complete without going on a cruise on the blue waters of Musandam. If you are lucky (and we assure you, you will be), you can watch the dolphins swim alongside you. Enjoy the cool breeze lifting off the waters as you sip Omani tea on board.

3. Snorkeling and diving: Musandam is the perfect spot for water-related activities. Don’t forget to bring your swimming wear or snorkeling gear, because this is the one thing you must absolutely do here. The waters here are teeming with marine life. What do you know, you might even come across a whale!

4. The scenery is spectacular: Besides water-activities, remember that Musandam is the perfect place to have a real adventure. Being mountainous, there are so many hiking trails that will challenge your strength. There is something calming about a day in the mountains or simply walking through wadis and setting up your picnic lunch under the skies. If you want to be a little more adventurous, go canyoning in the wadis.

5. Food is delicious: The seafood, as you can expect is fresh (more like from the sea to your plate). Omani’s are renowned for their tea and kebabs, but there are plenty of options here. Visit the town of Khassab for food options.

6. A dose of culture: Immerse yourself in the culture and history of Oman at the Khassab Fort. It was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century.

7. Paragliding over Zighy Bay: If you are heading up to Zighy Bay, make sure you try your hand at paragliding. The scenery is breath taking and you get the birds eye view from a height of 1000 ft. Beat that!


Things to know

• You must be a holder of UAE residence visa

• Vehicle insurance is a must – if you are driving

• Visa can be got at the border. Get there early before the rush.

• Credit cards are accepted in most places.