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Azerbaijan Travel Guide Before You Go

03 Jan 22


Azerbaijan is a beautiful country with many stories to tell and sights to see. It’s a unique melting pot of cultures influenced by many. You can also check out AFC Holidays Azerbaijan Tours to start planning your holidays. Here is AFC’s Azerbaijan Travel Guide Before You Go.

Azerbaijan Travel Guide


BASIC ENGLISH is barely spoken majority of Azeris unless learned. The locals are more likely to choose to learn the Russian language as part of their curriculum compared to English during their school years. AZERBAIJANI is the main language in Azerbaijan; so it would be most helpful for travellers to prepare access to translators during their time in Azerbaijan.

What Weather to Expect in Azerbaijan

Weather to Expect in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has various climate profiles throughout the year and each region varies with temperature throughout the year. However, for Baku Trip, the following yearly seasons may be observed:

• spring (March to May): Ave. 9°C to 16°C (48°F to 61°F)

• summer (June to August): Ave. 21°C to 29C (70°F to 85°F)

• autumn (September to November): Ave. 15°C to 21°C (58°F to 70°F)

• winter (December to February): Ave. 3°C to 8°C (37°F to 46°F)

What kind of clothes to pack in Azerbaijan Travel Guide?

November: Umbrella/Raincoat/Rain Bag(Waterproof). Rainfalls due to season change. *Rainiest Month

March to May: Moderately cold temperatures, bring jackets

June-August: Bring appropriate sun protection products + sunglasses if necessary, Light cotton clothing

September-November: Moderately thick clothes/ jackets, jumpers/sweaters, and scarves

December-February: Wooly Clothes + Boots + Scarves + Gloves

All Seasons: Comfortable walking shoes.

Azerbaijan Religion

Azerbaijan Religion

PREDOMINANTLY MUSLIM with over 80% belonging to the Islamic Religion, 60% Shi’i and 20% Sunni. Of the remaining population, there is a small fraction and a community of Armenian Orthodox Christians.


Azerbaijan Currency

AZERBAIJANI MANAT (AZN) - This money is best exchanged from USD and EUR. There are multiple reliable banks in Azerbaijan (especially Baku) where the daily exchange rates are reliable and fixed so tourists may be able to exchange to local currency with ease and reliability.

Important Note: There is a chronic lack of change and small denominations observable throughout the country (even Baku). Therefore, make a note to keep small denominations for ease of transactions or be ready to round off and practice the art of “keep the change”.

Should you bargain?

Gentle and respectful haggling and bargaining are accepted practices in markets. Azeris have a very low probability of charging unfairly for their prices and may even take the initiative to round off the value especially for tourists buying a lot of souvenirs.

Should you leave a tip?

Tipping is an acceptable courtesy practice in Azerbaijan. However, rounding up the bill to the nearest Manat is acceptable.

How much is a day in Azerbaijan Travel?

Minimum USD 30 – 50 per day or more depending on interest and choice of activity.

Power Plugs and Socket Travel Guide in Azerbaijan

Power plugs and socket in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan uses Type C and F power plugs at 220 Volts and 50 Frequency. Bringing power plug adapters is advisable.

Getting Around Azerbaijan

Cabs are the main option to get around Baku City. One ride-sharing or ride-hailing app currently operating in Azerbaijan is the app Uber (available on Android and Apple devices)

Azerbaijan Travel Guide – The Checklist

Azerbaijan Travel Guide

Travel Guide for Internet Everywhere in Azerbaijan?

Firstly, Tourists will commonly find local sim cards with ready network access at Heydar Aliyev Airport. There will also be multiple options in the city, but make sure you are purchasing directly from the network outlet providers to avoid being overcharged.

You will need your passport to purchase any SIM Card in Azerbaijan, prepare the actual passport and not just a scanned version for a smooth transaction.

Some of the more common options for example include Azercell and Bakcell. (Around 10-15 AZN).

Azerbaijan Travel Guide to Bringing Medications

Firstly, prepare preferred over-the-counter medicines. Importantly, Keep them in original containers with labels for easy identification. Firstly, try to only bring in small quantities or as necessary. A simple first aid can include i.e. Diarrhea medicines, antacids, antihistamines, motion sickness, cough drops, decongestants, pain and fever relief, mild laxatives, bandages, and small antiseptic solutions accordingly. Lastly, don’t forget your masks and preferred sanitiser.

Moreover, Bring a doctor’s prescription for other prescriptions that you may have as needed. Similarly, check for the allowed amount of quantity depending on your stay.

Now that you’ve read this Azerbaijan Travel Guide

Azerbaijan Travel Guide

Finally, you are officially ready to travel to Azerbaijan. Don’t forget that you’re always free to contact your AFC Representative if you have any more concerns before your departure! Lastly, We wish you safe and happy travels!

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