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The Best Way to Spend 24 Hours in Zurich, Switzerland!

14 Jun 24


The Best Way to Spend 24 Hours in Zurich, Switzerland!

Zurich is one of the best cities in Switzerland to stroll around and take in the amazing views the city has to offer. Here you will come across a vibrant and colorful old town, charming street side cafes, and an abundance of shopping and dining options. If you have a day to spare during your Europe trip or if you’re visiting on a layover, Zurich is one of the cities you must explore. Keep reading to discover how you can make the most of this city in just 24 hours!

Morning: Visit the Old Town

Zurich's architecture, buildings, and design all reflect its history and legacy, making it akin to an outdoor museum. Wander the streets of this colorful old town and marvel at this historic city center. Here you will find local shops, boutiques and restaurants. You can spend several hours here alone as there are various noteworthy sights such as Zurich’s two main churches, Grossmünster, a protestant church and the Fraumünster church.

While you’re in the old town, here are some of the cafe’s you must visit.
● Café Bar ODEON
â—Ź Cafe Felix
â—Ź Cafe Zaehringer

Mid-morning: Take a Boat Trip on the River Limmat

Boat Trip on the River Limmat

If you wish to sit back and relax, you can opt for a boat ride on the river Limmat. You can hop on a boat with a glass roof allowing you to enjoy panoramic views of the city. Note: The Limmat River cruises run from April through October and last for around 5o minutes.

Afternoon: Admire Art or Sample Tasty Chocolate

Make sure to visit the Museum of Art (Kunsthaus Zurich). Here you will find a wide range of art pieces making it one of the city’s greatest museums. If you’re a lover of modern art, we recommend you visit Kunsthaus Zürich. Modern and middle-aged art can also be found at the museum.

Sample Tasty Chocolate

What could be better than spending the afternoon tasting delectable pastries and savory bites? If you’re not an art lover we recommend you visit the Lindt Home of Chocolate. We promise you won't regret it. On this trip you can learn about the origin and history of the Lindt chocolate. Spend the afternoon creating your own work of art under the guidance of Lindt Master Chocolatiers. Also make sure to visit the first Lindt café.

Evening: Head to Lindenhof Hill to Admire the Sunset

Don’t miss out on exploring Zurich’s historic center which is perched on a hill. This elevated area of Lindenhof used to be a Roman castle. Here, you can still find ruins of Roman and Medieval settlements. With views of the Limmat River and Old Town, this is an ideal place for you to relax and enjoy a picnic.

Night: Go on a Bar Crawl and Explore the City’s Nightlife

Zurich nighlife

One of the best cities in all of Switzerland, Zurich is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Party-goers who want a more raw nightlife experience should visit Zurich West! This region, which was once an industrial sector, is now one of the greatest places to enjoy concerts and live music. This neighborhood is well-known for its vibrant nightlife since it is home to many different bars and taverns. No matter what music genre you enjoy, there’s something for everyone.

How to Get Around the City?

The easiest way to get around the city is by foot as it is quite compact. You can use the tram as well; they are convenient and pocket friendly. Trams are usually on time and one of the best ways to explore the city. If you enjoy biking you can rent a cycle from pop-up bike stands which you can find all around the city. Alternatively, you can opt for a taxi as well, however, they can be expensive.

Take a look at our Switzerland tour packages if you have a few extra days to spare. If you wish to spend a day away from Zurich and see another city, here are a few options you must explore.

Grindelwald and Interlaken


Grindelwald is a picturesque countryside in Switzerland with lush green pastures, beautiful waterfalls, streams and footpaths. This is a treat for all adventure lovers! This is a perfect location for you to take in amazing views as you can enjoy day trip activities like hiking, zip lining and sledding. You can hop on a train and enjoy a scenic ride from Zurich to Grindelwald which is about 3 hours and 10 minutes long (92 km). Nestled between two lakes is the little Swiss village of Interlaken. Enjoy a boat ride on the easily accessible Lakes Thun and Brienz. Savor the vistas of the lakes' glistening blue water and the mountains' reflections in them. Considering how small the city is, it can be covered in about an hour. It is possible to visit both Interlaken and Grindelwald on the same day. It takes 20 minutes to get to Interlaken from Grindelwald (20 km).


Swiss Alps

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore this beautiful Swiss city. This is an excellent place for anyone who enjoys the beauty of mountains. Here, you can get on a cable car and enjoy 360 degree views of the Swiss Alps. One of the main attractions is the jaw dropping Alpine rides. The city easily connects to Mount Titlis, Mount Rigi, Jungfraujoch and more. Here, you can also find the nation's best preserved medieval old town. A train ride from Zurich to Lucerne is only around 52 minutes long (40 km) making it a must visit.

If you wish to have more details on how you can be better prepared on your trip to this fantastic city, we’ve got you covered! Make sure you take a look at our Switzerland Travel Guide.