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Prague In A Day A Time Capsule of Past and Future

21 Nov 21


Here’s a wild idea- What if one day you woke up in one of the most beautiful cities? Prague. “City of a Hundred Spires”– And you were told that you only have a day to make the most out of it. What do you do? Here’s Prague In a Day to get you started.

The attitude to go about it (Google would say) is to roam the streets and see where that takes you. And you could do that! Walk around and inevitably stumble upon a museum or a garden. However, that’s a very mood and luck-dependent thing to go about it.

Fret not! No need to be overwhelmed and out-of-plans on what to do and how to go about your day! Here is your personal guide to making your one day in Prague feel like looking into a time capsule of past and future.

Old Town Hall

See a lot of Spires in Prague in a day…

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. Prague is abundant with pointed towers, or spires. Although we really can’t blame them, The aesthetic and glory of these grandiose steeples add to the total visual value of Prague as a continuously praised and beautiful city. If you're seeking an unforgettable experience, don't miss the opportunity to visit Prague right now and immerse yourself in the charm of its iconic spires and timeless beauty.

However, “City of a Hundred?” Underestimation. More like city of 500 to a thousand Spires. This you would come to appreciate seeing from the observation deck of Old Town Hall.

You’re definitely not about to miss out on architecture and aesthetic value being already in Prague. From churches (St. Vitus Cathedral — For a breathtaking view of the charming birds eye view of the Lesser Town Roofs).

St. Vitus Cathedral

Similarly, one of the most impressive architectural gifts of Prague being Church of Our Lady Before Týn. Home to a perfect collection of Gothic, Renaissance and Early Baroque artworks. This religious building is one of the main inspirations of Disney’s “Cinderella’s Castle”. You will find this iconic structure nowhere else than Prague!

Feel more of the fairy tale, strolling around the Municipal House which is an Art Nouveau building and make a quick stop at their in-house restaurants which showcases thematic Art Nouveau interiors so hard to pass up on.

Petřín Lookout Tower

Prague’s Eiffel Tower…

Come to Petřín Lookout Tower a loose replica of the ever iconic Eiffel Tower of Paris, France. It is at the same height as the Eiffel and you will find a view of all of Bohemia on a clear day.

If there just isn’t enough breathtaking views, Prague is not one to disappoint. It gives us Letná Parks — a well-maintained vast park with multiple grass areas for picnicking and views of the city.

Vítkov Hill

Unique sights for a memorable day is guaranteed for those who climb Vítkov Hill; Home to the proud Statue of Jan Žižka and a bonus panoramic view of the Prague Castle at dusk.

More views of the city from the Vyšehrad just above the headland of the Vltava River. This park area is home to architectural masterpieces. There’s the Romanesque Rotunda of St Martin and The Neo-Gothic Church of Saints Peter and Paul, for example.


An ode to time, from past to present Prague in a day.

If you ever find yourself in front of Prague’s Astronomical Clock, do take a moment and appreciate how it still stands and functions to this day. It goes back to 600 years ago, after all. It’s a witness to many kings and queens that walked this earth, people of the past and present, great and small.

Prague evidently took to cherishing so much of its past; walking around the Old Town in Prague. Heritage has become the core foundation into making Prague as it is today.

Luck is found in ascending and descending numbers

Luck is found in ascending and descending numbers

After crossing through the Charles Bridge, you might find yourself in Lesser Town which opens up a whole door of sights to see and things to do. (Fun Fact: Charles Bridge is interestingly built at 5:31 AM of July 9th 1357 which was thought to be lucky because of its numerical sequence 135797531) Make sure to go to Lesser Town Square which serves as the heart of Lesser Town for the past 10 Centuries. You will see the grand baroque Church of St. Nicholas from here which stands as a remnant of great artists like as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who played the organ in this church many years back.

Prague is immortalizing the Arts and its People

Prague is immortalizing the Arts and its People

Prague is home to many such literary accolades, paying tribute and celebrating artists like Franz Kafka (with a gigantic revolving head “Head of Franz Kafka: Metamorphosis” by David Černý; or a statue of him riding a headless giant “Statue of Franz Kafka” by Jaroslav Róna)

If you’re already in Lesser Town and you are a fan of literature, make a stop at Franz Kafka’s Museum, a short walk from there will take you to Shakespeare and Sons, a bookstore with a huge array of English and Czech literature that I reckon no bookworm would want to miss.

Music for all generations

It would not be false to assume that an interest that people easily relate to is music. One of the things you can do in Prague is to make a stop at the Czech Museum of Music. They have a long term exhibition themed “Man – Instrument – Music” which showcases keyboard, stringed, and wind instruments (made by renowned Czech instrument creators) as a mediator that bridges the relationship between man and music.

A more modern sight to see in Prague in a day

A more modern sight to see in Prague in a day

Prague is not invincible to the force of modern influence. Given this chance, do take a stop at the Dancing House which has a gallery and a restaurant with a 360° view of Prague.

In conclusion, Prague truly is such a gifted destination. Simply because it remains undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. To this day, after many years of continuously captivating its lucky audience, it still doesn’t disappoint.

Moreover, this may just be because it naturally values the gifts of its history and its past; and while it may seem rather challenging to embrace modernization along with it, they are proving that their love for their heritage is a gift that lets them have a unique perspective on more modern visions for their city and it’s something to look forward to.

We hope that if you ever come to find yourself with a day to spend in Prague, you will have a hearty and full experience!

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