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Top 5 islands to visit in Greece

07 Aug 18


“And then God said let there be Greece” Greece is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations of Europe. This country will leave you dazzled with its scenic beauty, landscapes, architecture & islands. Did you know that Greece is made up of 6000 beautiful Greek islands? And that only 200 out of them are inhabited? So, if you’re planning a trip to Greece, here are the top 5 Greek islands that should be on your checklist:


Beautiful! That’s the word that describes Santorini the best. Santorini, a spectacular Cyclades Island, covers two main villages- Fira and Oia. The official name of Santorini is Thira. It’s a very famous romantic getaway destination. You’ll find here sunny beaches, red cliffs, delicious cuisines to savour, and whitewashed buildings with churches all around the island. Explore Santorini as part of your unforgettable International Tour Packages.


If you’re up for a donkey ride, then Santorini will make your dream come true.

Donkey Ride Santorini


Mykonos is recognized as the cosmopolitan destination amongst all of the Greek Islands. This island is a perfect combination of glamour and simplicity. If you want to party in the right way in Greece, then Mykonos is where you should be. From entertainment to history and tradition, you’ll find everything here. Mykonos is also famous for its crystal clear beaches, water sports, and cuisine.

 Greek Islands

Don’t forget to try Kopanisti Mykonou, a traditional Greek dish made from cheese. Also, do get yourself clicked at the windmills of Mykonos, a famous picturesque spot.

Kopanisti Mykonou


Crete is the biggest Greek Island, with a lot of fun activities for families and friends. Knossos, Heraklion, is the largest Bronze Age historical site and is also known as Europe’s oldest city.


Lychnostatics Open Air Museum is one of the most visited museums in Crete. Agios Nikolaos, a pretty town in Crete, is full of family resorts for people to enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere. For beach freaks, there are plenty of amazing beaches like – Balos Beach, Elafonisi Beach, and Falassarna Beach. Rethymnon’s old town will give you a glimpse of the Turkish period. Also make sure to visit Chania, a town in Crete, which is full of museums, markets, and churches to make your visit truly memorable.

Crete Agios Nikolaos


Rhodes, the largest Dodecanese island, is also known as ‘The Island of Knights’. Being one of the most famous tourist destinations, Rhodes has a lot to offer in terms of history and rich culture. Ancient gems like the Temple of Apollo, Governor’s Palace, Rhodes Footbridge and the old medieval town will leave you dazzled. In Rhodes, you will always be welcomed by friendly locals, making you feel at home. So if you cherish history, you should definitely visit Rhodes.



Skiathos, in the Northwest Aegean Sea, is famous for its rich vegetation, beaches, and spirited nightlife. If you’re a nature lover, then Skiathos has to be on your wanderlust checklist. Visit Bourtizi Fortress, situated at the old harbour in Skiathos town. This island offers you it’s lavish cuisine and gorgeous beaches like Lalaria beach, Koukounaries beach, Troulos beach and many more. There are also many boat rentals that offer excursions to the island of Tsougrias and Skopelos, so definitely take out time for that. To catch a glimpse of history, do pay a visit to the monasteries, ancient castles, churches, and museums in Skiathos.