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Why Italy tops every travellers list

03 Sep 18


Why Italy must be on your travel list

We are pretty certain we can come up with a thousand reasons why you should visit Italy. But for the sake of being precise, we are giving you EIGHT very good reasons to visit. Italy is a bucket list entry for a lot of people – it does certainly have so much to offer. Right from the north to the south, this shoe-shaped country offers a plethora of travel options. Enchanting cities, ancient ruins, rich museums, soaring mountains, great beaches, and beautiful natural scenery – it is a place where you find it all, and then some. Discover the diverse beauty of Italy with our curated Italy Travel Packages for a comprehensive and memorable journey through this iconic destination. You agree? Now read on! We hope at the end of this story, you will be packing your bags!

Italy tops every travellers list

The food

There is a reason why food tops our list! It is simply because Italy is worth visiting only for the food! We certainly don’t blame the gastronome who travels to taste Italy’s exemplary food scene. Imagine – there are 300 types of fresh, homemade pasta alone – need we go into the rest! We haven’t even started on the famed antipasti, pizza, fine wines…

Italy Food

Antipasti is usually served before the first course of an Italian meal.


Italy is bursting with architectural wonders, to say the least – the kind not seen anywhere. Intricate cathedrals, towers, palaces, amphitheatres – everything here is a work of art. Even smaller cities like Bologna and Verona have shining examples of architecture.

World Heritage Sites

For a country the size of Italy, it is amazing how it tops the list of the highest number of World Heritage Sites in the world. At a whopping 47, ranging from the archaeological areas of Pompei, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata to the Aeolian Islands and the Dolomites, there is always a historical site waiting to be explored.

Ancient Cities

It is no secret that Italy is a haven for history buffs, which means, a lover of history or otherwise will find something to admire in this country. Here are three –



As far as Old Cities go, there is nothing to beat the charm of Rome. Here, you can enjoy the 21 century luxury alongside the thousands of years old history – admire the ruins of buildings that were once walked by Julius. The city offers a perfect mix of history and romance.



This compact city easily edges out Venice and Rome as the most walkable city and architecturally more important. Starting from the Duomo to the Galleria dell’Accademia, the Uffizi, the Mercato Nuovo, Ponte Vecchio and the countless number of museums and galleries Florence is easily the place that captivates.


Call it the romantic city on water or the Island of Masks, Venice is and always will be the top visited attraction in Italy. Just being here is a delight – the deep voice of the gondolier cuts through the touristic chatter as he steers the passengers under the bridges and narrow canals, the cosy coffee shops, the Piazza San Marco, amazing glass works…everything conspires to keep you captivated.

Italian Alps

So you thought that picturesque vineyards and rolling hills of Tuscany were the only allure of Italy’s landscape? Well, there is more to Italy’s outdoors, we like to add. The Dolomites, a snowy mountain range in the Southern Alps is a paradise for skiers, hikers and climbers and of course, snowboarders looking for their annual adrenaline rush in the mountains!

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

Also known as “five lands,” the region of Cinque Terre is a destination in itself. The colourful towns (formerly fishing villages) dangling from the cliff (or that’s how it seems) or hugging the rugged coastline of the Italian Riviera make for a spectacular view. You can explore this region of five villages in many ways – by train, boat or on foot. Vineyards cling to steep terraces, harbours filled with bobbing fishing boats and trattorias turning out seafood specialities along with the Liguria’s famous sauce, pesto are reasons enough to visit this Italian outpost.

The colourful houses seem to hang on the cliffside or appear out of a cliff – either way it makes for a gorgeous sight!

Home of Pizza

Think Naples, think pizza! And why not! Naples is, after all, the home of the Italian pizza. To say you get the best pizza in the world here, would be, well, strange, because Naples gave the world The Pizza. Okay, when you have eaten to your heart’s content, there are castles and over five hundred churches to explore around here. All this given, there is another thing you will love about Naples – it has the oldest working Opera House.

Lakes of Italy

Lakes of Italy

Italy has a fair share of picturesque waterbodies that attract visitors, writers, and poets all year round. Of the numerous lakes, Lake Como and Lake Trasimeno take the crown. Both these lakes are unrivaled in beauty and are incredibly romantic. Lake Como, for example, was a favorite of Percy Shelly who claimed that the waters inspired him to write some of his finest pieces. Lake Trasimeno with its three islands houses the remains of a Franciscan monastery and has some incredibly gorgeous views. Explore the enchanting lakes of Italy and more with insights from our comprehensive Italy Travel Guide for an immersive and memorable journey through this stunning destination.