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Reasons why you should visit Prague right now

18 Sep 18


Reasons why you should visit Prague right now


If there is only one city you are going to visit in Europe – then it should be Prague. Why do we say this? Well, to begin with, it has been voted as one of the best cities in the whole world, has amazing architecture, great views, markets, cruises, cafes, great dining, and is far less expensive than most European favorites! Need more reasons? Here are a few that will make you run for your bags right now! Explore the enchanting beauty of Prague with our curated Prague Tour Packages for an immersive and budget-friendly European experience.

night view of Prague

A beautiful night-view of Prague

Astronomical Clock

One of the most popular attractions in the Old Town Square is this medieval Astronomical Clock – you can’t miss it for the world. On the dot every hour tourists throng the area to watch “The Walk of the Apostles,” a show in which miniature figures of the Apostles—plus a skeletal representation of Death—strike the time. Grab your coffee or gelato and stay right there – its a sight you will not forget. Also, this is the place where artists converge and you can have your turn at blowing bubbles or hug a giant panda!

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

One of the oldest stone bridges in Prague, this is today a walking path (no vehicles). Both sides of the bridge give you amazing views of the river – but more than that, beautiful sculptures line the bridge and here is where you can do your trinket shopping or have your caricature made.

Hradcany Castle (Prague Castle)

This gigantic castle complex is easily one of the largest in the world. Dating back to the 9th century, this is the place where the precious Bohemian Crown Jewels are kept. You can easily spend a few hours here, admiring the different architectures from various centuries culminating into one big, impressive complex.

John Lennon Wall

Across the French Embassy in Mala Strana, there is a wall – a famous wall covered with graffiti inspired by John Lennon and the Beatles. Apparently Lennon had nothing to do with it, but decades ago young Czechs as a peaceful protest against Communism in the 80s started writing on this walls – it is said that the authorities have tried to paint this wall but colours appear on it magically. Today it is a major attraction. It feels like a rainbow has painted itself on the wall.

Prague has some fantastic dining options

Prague has some fantastic dining options

Pilsner and pubs

Beer? Nobody does it better than the Czechs – and it is cheaper than water. Prague has some of the best beer in the world and what do you know – they have taken it to a whole new level – by introducing beer spa. You cannot leave without enjoying a glass of pilsner (or four).

Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery

The frescoed ceiling and rotating shelves in this 12th-century Strahov monastery is a must see for any book lover or a casual tourist. The library has over two hundred thousand books! Go figure! This monastery was built in 1143 and has two gigantic baroque halls.

Not to miss: Trdelnik


Trdelnik or the rolled pastries are a Prague favourite. We recommend you it hot, dusted with cinnamon, sugar or nuts – you can’t go wrong with this. It is a all-season snack and you will easily find a trdelnik stand at every corner.