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Hungry for Hungary? With good reason too

19 Sep 18


Hungry for Hungary? With good reason too

Hungry Place

A cosmopolitan city with a charming countryside, Hungary is edging up its position on the travel bucket list and with good reason too! This central European country has something for everyone – mouth-watering food, great folk culture and of course – Paprika. Hungary’s capital city Budapest is an attraction in itself something to suit all tastes, from a vibrant and eclectic nightlife (check out ruin pubs) to great shopping and plenty of architectural landmarks to visit. Let’s start with the food… because, of course, food sets your mood for the holiday, right!

The food is amazing

The food is amazing

So, you will never go hungry in this country, such is the amazing variety of food they have. The local cuisine is hearty and delightful and full of flavors – and if you’d like to spice it up a little (we know how you love your spices), there is always the paprika. Here are some of the dishes you must try when you are here, starting with Goulash, a meaty stew considered to be the national dish. Stuffed cabbage, Rakott Krumpli, and Lecso are all mouth-wateringly delicious, readily available and truly Hungarian. Explore the rich culinary traditions of Hungary with our curated Hungary Travel Packages for a delectable and immersive experience.

Hungary is affordable

Hungary is affordable

That definitely is good news for anyone wishing to travel to Hungary! Imagine getting the best of central Europe for such amazingly lower prices! In fact Budapest, the capital city is very affordable too – and even better is that most of the city’s famous attractions are free to visit!

The best thermal baths are here

best thermal baths

Hungary’s thermal waters are known worldwide and rightfully so. The country is spa-crazy and has made the most of this natural offering. You don’t really need to look far for a thermal bath, there is always one at hand. Great for the body and mind and with plenty of medicinal benefits, Hungary’s thermal baths are hot on the must-do list. There are around 1,500 natural hot springs throughout Hungary, so it’s easy to see why they like hot water so much. For more insights into the therapeutic wonders of Hungary and helpful recommendations, refer to our detailed Hungary Travel Guide to enhance your experience in this spa haven.

Tourist attractions are many (and mostly free)

Tourist attractions

Fortunately many of the famous attractions here are free – so really there is nothing to stop you from visiting this beautiful twin city right now!
Here are Top 5 attractions we highly recommend

1. Fisherman’s Bastion
2. Chain Bridge
3. Parliament House
4. Buda Castle
5. Danube Cruise