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Why Scotland is a land of fairy tales

07 Oct 18


Why Scotland is a land of fairy tales


Fact.Everything about Scotland changes your life. From the charming culture to the supernatural (yes, fairies and unicorns and ghouls), everything Scottish is fascinating. Here, the landscape speaks to your soul. Brooding castles, ancient villages and great food make this one of our top favourites. Come rain or sunshine – there is always a sparkle here. Edinburgh, the capital city looks like a fairy tale while Glasgow, another well-known Scottish city is a cool place to explore. In fact, you can visit this country at any time of the year and wish to come back again.

Scotland Place

We assure you that here you wouldn’t need to photoshop your images. Snap and share – that’s what Scotland is all about. Scotland does great events all year round. Time your visit to coincide with one of their more fascinating events. Did you know that Skara Brae or The Scottish Pompeii is believed to be older than Stonehenge or the Pyramids? So, let’s get started.

Relive history at Edinburgh Castle

The most famous attraction, the Edinburgh Castle soars over the skyline – foreboding and regal. Once a medieval fortress built on a rock, it stands there, since the twelfth century watching over the city. As you stroll along the corridors, you might sense a “vibe” or hear “whispers” – we cannot guarantee that it is your active imagination or the reality – but whatever it maybe, you will experience something surreal here. Here, you will see several historical Scottish artifacts, including weapons, clothing, and even the “Scottish Crown Jewels”. Scotland’s castles are constant reminders of the country’s colourful history. There are other castles like the Eilean Donan and Kelburn Castle that you should totally check out.

Explore Edinburgh Old Town

Explore Edinburgh Old Town

Did you know that the old Town of Edinburgh is a UNESCO World Heritage site? It has a rich history and much of it can be found in the St Giles Cathedral founded in the 1120s. With vaulted ceilings and ornate stained glass windows this cathedral is the keeper of many historical secrets

Food and beverage

Now, this is something which we love to talk about – the food and beverage scene of Scotland. First of all, there is no dearth of great dining options, but that aside, food here is always fresh. Like the Scottish Salmon, for example – try the salmon tart, a local delicacy that will change your idea about eating fish forever. There is, of course, the haggis and delicious soups – which washes down well with the famed Scottish whisky. Explore the diverse culinary delights of Scotland with our curated International Tour Packages for a delightful and flavorful journey.

Country of legends and folklore

Country of legends and folklore

Scotland makes for great legends and folk stories – given its ancient history it is only natural to expect a spirit or two lurking about in the castles – so not surprisingly, there are many stories to be heard. Go on a walking tour with a well-informed storyteller and hear all about the tales of torture, ghosts and the foul-smelling streets of the Edinburgh of old.

The Scott Monument

This towering Gothic structure stands on famous Princes Street and was built in the memory of famous author Sir Walter Scott. If you are someone who likes to get the bird’s eye view of the city before beginning to explore, then surely you must climb to the top of this tower, via a series of narrow, winding staircase – the views are your reward.

The National Museum

The National Museum

For the history buff, a visit to the National Museum is a must – to know the history of this amazing country. The collections relating to Scottish culture, history, and antiquities are many plus there are many interesting displays in the natural history and science section – enough to answer your questions and keep you occupied for the entire day.

Harry Potter fans will love this place

Hardcore fans of Harry Potter are simply going to love being here – after all, the story of the world’s most famous wizard started eight here! Just so that you know, JK Rowling wrote the first chapters of her book The Philosophers Stone here.

Must try food

Haggis: A warm meaty dish made from sheep pluck mixed with oatmeal and onions. Fried Mars: Yes. You heard it right. Fried Mars bars are…an indulgence. Come, strap on your kilts and get ready.