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Uncover Romania and its many secrets

14 Feb 19


Mention Romania and your imagination will quickly run wild – Isn’t it the home of the famous Dracula?

Well, yes. It is! But we’ll give you a less spooky reason to go to this beautiful country.

While we are at it, let us tell you that in 1900s Bucharest, the country’s capital, was once known as Little Paris. It was famously wide with tree-lined boulevards, and glorious Belle Époque buildings were just one of the reasons. Royalty frequented this city, and so did artists and famous writers. Bucharest, besides being the capital, is also the largest city in the country and, therefore, a bustling metropolis with so many things to see and do that you’ll vow to come back even before you have left. In fact, Bucharest is also called “the city of contrasts.” Explore the rich history and vibrant contrasts of Bucharest with the convenience and curated experiences offered by comprehensive International tour packages.

Stunning architecture

Stunning architecture

The city’s rich past has a strong bearing on the architecture, clearly seen anywhere you turn. The Palace of Parliament and Revolution Square are especially eye-catching. We will have you know that the Palace of the Parliament is the world’s heaviest and the second largest administrative building. The Pentagon is the first.

With over sixty museums and memorial houses, Bucharest could easily be called the country’s cultural capital. Beautiful churches and places of worship are the norms, particularly the Stavropoleos Monastery and the Domnita Balasa to name a few.

And oh, did you know that Bucharest has its own version of the Arch of Triumph? Did we not tell you it was called Little Paris?

This is another reason why.

Foodies paradise

Bucharest is gearing to take on the world as the best coffee destination – it could soon come true, given the vibrant coffee culture and a large number of cafes in the city. Besides that, foodies love it for the variety of cuisines on offer at every corner.

Foodies paradise

Top Attractions

Old Centre

This is the place to go to get a real taste of the city’s nightlife. Locals call it Central Vechi and it is the king of party places. Delightful cafes and restaurants housed in 17th-century buildings with gorgeous facades are the norm here.

Village Museum

If you are keen on understanding Romanian traditions, what better place to go than the open-air village museum Dimitrie Gusti – a veritable treasure trove of information? It is the best way to discover the diversity of Romanian villages.

Village Museum

Salt Mines

So, why are salt mines such an attraction? Well, for the simple reason that it has curative properties. But wait –once, inside the gigantic salt mines, you are going to be blown away by the sheer size and structure of the mines. Everything you see – and touch is made of salt. It is almost surreal that while you are admiring the salt pillars and columns, you are also getting healed from the inside.

Dracula Castle

Dracula Castle

This could easily be your top reason to come to Romania – to meet the most famous resident of the country – Count Dracula, a vampire who has spooked many a generation of children with his blood-thirsty stories! We are sure you have grown up on stories of Count Dracula and his spooky castle too. Well, here is your chance to walk the corridors of this “nightmarish” castle and feel the presence of the vampire. We swear by the “feeling” you get as you walk around, feeling the walls and looking for “signs of the vampire”. In fact, you will get that spooky feeling just looking at the castle, brooding and mysterious, sitting on the edge of a cliff, its spires rising into the skies… Yes, this place is full of mystery, magic, and of course history.

Imagine yourself to be back in the 15th century as you walk through the bedrooms and courtyard, exploring nooks and corners! That should give you stories to last a lifetime!

We recently visited this delightful country with our favorite radio station – Hit 967 and a group of one hundred people! We swear everyone returned with the promise of returning soon!

There are several reasons you will find this place interesting – for one, it is the former home of the Romanian Royal Family, and secondly, it is a masterpiece! We are referring of course to the designs – stunning turrets and the new-renaissance architecture. Peles Castles is famed as one of the most beautiful in all of Europe – and the fact that it’s the first castle in Europe to get electricity! How cool is that?

We haven’t even told you about the views…