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Serbia Travel Guide Before You Go

01 Jul 21


Traveling to the beautiful country of Serbia soon? Here is AFC’s Ultimate Serbia Travel Guide Before You Go. A rising popular destination in the UAE with many beautiful sights to offer!

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Basic to fluent ENGLISH is spoken throughout the country with the local SERBIAN language.

Serbia Travel Guide

What Weather to Expect

Serbia enjoys FOUR SEASONS throughout the year as follows:

• spring (March to May): Ave. 7°C to 18°C (45°F to 64°F)

• summer (June to August): Ave. 16°C to 28°C (61°F to 82°F)

• autumn (September to November): Ave. 8°C to 18 °C (47°F to 64°F)

• winter (December to February): Ave. -1°C to 5°C (31°F to 41°F)

What kind of clothes to pack?

May and June: Umbrella/Raincoat/Rain Bag(Waterproof). Rainfalls due to season change. *Rainiest Months

March-May: Moderately cold temperatures, bring jackets

June-August: Bring appropriate sun protection products + sunglasses if necessary, Light cotton clothing

September-November: Moderately thick clothes/ jackets, jumpers/sweaters and scarves

December-February: Thick Wooly Clothes + Winter Boots + Scarves + Gloves

All Seasons: Comfortable walking shoes.

Serbian Religion

Serbian Religion

PREDOMINANTLY ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN (85%); Others: Catholic, Muslim, Protestant, etc. With that in mind, tourists have to be mindful and observe respectful behaviours when in monasteries, churches, or other places of worship.


Serbian Currency

DINAR (RSD) - All transactions are settled in RSD. This is commonly exchanged from USD and EUR.

Should you leave a tip?

Service taxes are generally included in restaurant cheques and in hotel service. It is welcomed.

How much is a day in Serbia?

Minimum USD 30 per day or more depending on interest and choice of activity.

Power plugs and socket

Power plugs and socket in Serbian

Serbia uses Type C and F power plugs at 230 Volts and 50 Frequency. Bringing power plug adapters is advisable.

Getting Around

Getting Around

The most common forms of transportation are taxi services. This includes Beotaxi, Žuti taxi, Maxis taxi, Lux taxi, and Pink taxi. One thing to be observed in Serbia, especially Belgrade; Is that taxis are generally cheaper called in straight from the company than hailed off the streets. There is an option to get around Belgrade city by Bus or Train. Tourists may use cab-hailing or ride-sharing apps like Taxify, Yandex, and CarGo.

Serbian Travel Guide – The Checklist

Need Internet Everywhere in Belgrade?

Serbia Travel Guide

Tourists will commonly find local sim cards with ready network access at the Nikola Tesla Airport. However, it is more advisable to look for one around town. This could be cheaper and you will have more choices. There is no need to share your personal identification upon buying a sim card in Serbia. Some of the more common options include VIP Mobile, MTS, and Telenor. They can cost starting from 300 RSD (3 USD).

Serbia Travel Guide to Bringing Medications

Prepare preferred over-the-counter medicines (Keep in original containers/with labels for easy identification) in small quantities (or as you find necessary) into a simple first aid. i.e. Diarrhea medicines, antacids, antihistamines, motion sickness, cough drops, decongestants, pain and fever relief, mild laxatives, bandages, and small antiseptic solutions. Along with your masks and preferred sanitizer. Bring a doctor’s prescription for other prescriptions that you may have as needed and check for the allowed amount of quantity depending on your stay.

Now that you’ve read this Serbia Travel Guide.

Serbia Travel Guide

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