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5 Cultural Destinations For A Fun Family Getaway

25 Apr 22


Cultural destinations are stepping into a new spotlight. Culture appreciation is an activity that we used to take for granted. From attending local lunches to food and crafts workshops, and winemaking and tasting excursions. Cultural destinations and immersions are truly an experience to enjoy in a foreign country. It allows everyone to socialize and bond over a common activity and bring back memorable stories to share from their trip.

families going to cultural destinations

A long journey navigating around the worldwide pandemic put a hamper on everyone’s travel plans. However, A lot of people are starting to gain a new sense of appreciation for travel as the world continues to open. Families especially enjoy cultural immersions, allowing them to enjoy a common activity.

Why are families going to cultural destinations?

According to an article from Travel Weekly, Due to the recent recovery from the pandemic, most people especially parents are reassessing their reasons for travel. Opting for destinations that could inspire and shape their children’s perception and appreciation of the world. It brings light to what matters as the entire family would together experience meeting new people, tasting new food, and sharing the same stories together.

5 cultural destinations that the family could enjoy

What are the 5 cultural destinations that the family could enjoy?

This coming summer break, make the most out of the holidays to rekindle your bonds as a family. We’ve got our favorite destinations on offer.

1. Turkey’s Eurasian Meltingpot Cultural Destinations

Turkey’s Eurasian Meltingpot Cultural Destinations

A Eurasia star destination, Turkey Tours offers unique experiences, especially in Cappadocia and Pamukkale. Imagine taking an early morning trip with your family heading off to Devrent Valley and the rush of having an Instagram-worthy experience riding a hot air balloon riding into the sunlight among others in Cappadocia.

salt flats of Pamukkale salt flats of Pamukkale

Imagine taking your shoes off and walking on the salt flats of Pamukkale, admiring the white and blue contrasts of the spring water against the minerals.


Turkey has always been a great destination for cultural experiences that are truly unforgettable. Even just covering Istanbul is enough to fill your cup as you explore Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque, or the Topkapi Palace. You may even cover a lot of sights cruising through the Bosphorus.

2. Germany’s Old and New Cultural Highlights

Germany Tours has a lot to offer for inspiration. Germans have a knack for celebrating life and have their priorities in order when it comes to quality of life. They’re one of the few countries that have adopted an average of 36 – 40 working days a week. They have more holidays every year than most European countries. During which, most private establishments are closed save for a few restaurants.

Germany Germany

This is just to show how different the mindset and priorities go for such a progressive country like Germany. If you’re wondering what there is to enjoy with your family in Germany, think no further than exploring the history of German cars at BMW Welt.

Next, go castle hopping going through numerous grandiose castles in Germany like the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, or go to the Bavarian Region to explore the Linderhof Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Hohenschwangau Castle.

Nymphenburg Palace in Munich Nymphenburg Palace in Munich

Not to forget the many chocolate factories all over Munich and many other cities in Germany like the Imhoff Chocolate museum, or the Schokoladen Museum, which offer many workshops on how the perfect German chocolates are made.

Imhoff Chocolate museum

One more cultural place to visit is the Cuckoo Clock Workshop in Blackforest. They offer many workshops and insights into how the authentic German Cuckoo Clocks are made.

Cuckoo Clock Workshop in Blackforest Cuckoo Clock Workshop in Blackforest

3. The Netherlands’ Dutch Cultural Destinations

Home to many historic museums like the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and Rijksmuseum, allow yourself and your family to hear of Amsterdam’s many stories waiting to be told.

historic museums

Board a cruise to sail down the canals of Amsterdam taking in the most scenic flowery route along the way. This cultural destination is definitely one to remember.

The Netherlands also offers a lot of Cheese and Clog Factories that could offer a lot of workshops on how authentic dutch wooden clogs are made and a taste tests of over 30 varieties of Dutch cheese. Especially in Volendam, Katwoude and Marken.

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens

Moreover, Zaanse Schans is one of the biggest highlights of The Netherlands offering the most memorable sight of windmills and tulips. However, tulip viewings are most commonly enjoyed by tourists during an 8-week opening period of the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens right in Amsterdam from March to May.

4. Greece’s Culture of Mythological Destinations

Greece offers the best scenic experiences. It’s also one of the most memorable cultural destinations, especially for Greek Mythology fans. This I the homeland of it all, starting off in Athens where you and your family can visit a lot of Temples in the Acropolis Archaeological Site. Including The Parthenon, the Temple of Zeus, and more.

Greece’s Culture of Mythological Destinations

If you’re keen enough to come on board a Grecian cruise to cover as many islands as possible, then you’re sure to cover islands like Mykonos and Santorini, which are considered the perfect postcard photo of Greece. Mykonos is the dream island to take a stroll in, to see the iconic windmills and relax by a quaint cafe watching the sunset. Lastly, explore the many villages in Santorini like Fira, Oia, and Caldera. For a comprehensive exploration of these stunning Greek islands and more, refer to the detailed insights provided in the Greece Travel Guide.

One of the best things to simply experience when in Greece is definitely the food. In Athens, the Varvakuis Market offers a lot of Grecian favorites like the souvlaki, koulouri, moussaka, and bougatsa.

Moussaka, Souvlaki & Dolma (Respectively)

Moussaka, Souvlaki and Dolma

In Mykonos, a must-try would definitely include the local cheese Kopanisti. This is more aromatic and spicy, best complemented with tapas and Greek Wine. Another local Mykonos cheese is the Ksinotiri which is more sharp and sour. Ksinotiri is best accompanied by tomato, pasta, or bread. Tourists that consume pork generally look to try Louza. This is sun-dried pork marinated with salt, pepper, and spices.

culinary delicacies

Lastly, you must try these culinary delicacies in Santorini starting with Domatokeftethes (Tomato Fritters), Local Baklava, and the freshest seafood and fish right from the coast. Complemented with local Visanto Wine.

5. South Africa’s Nature and Wildlife Culture

South Africa offers one of the best nature and adventure getaway experiences that the family will surely enjoy. Staring right in Cape Town to see the Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. Some would say you haven’t truly experienced South Africa if you haven’t stepped on top of the Table mountain. Moreover, Table mountain is one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature. Sadly there are no easy routes to get to the summit of table mountain. It’s doable but slightly challenging however there are still a lot of easier paths if you’re not too keen on reaching the summit.

South Africa’s Nature

Not interested in hikes? If you’d like to meet a bunch of friendly faunas, You may visit one of many animal sanctuaries based on your interest. Meet penguins in Boulders Beach, or visit the Oudtshoorn Ostrich Farm, there are even seals to meet in Hout Bay.

south africa penguins

Of course, what’s a South Africa trip without taking part in a Safari Game Drive. We recommend Pilanesberg National Park, a haven for Africa’s Big Five wildlife. Furthermore, there are over 54 mammal species to spot in the Pilanesberg. Seasoned rangers can help you spot caracals, jackals, hyenas, antelopes, and more for example. You may even amp up the experience by boarding a hot-air balloon. Now, this is a unique cultural destination to definitely experience with your family.

South Africa Safari Game Drive


Due to the hamper in travel plans brought by the recent worldwide pandemic. This is the factor of truly enjoying a destination’s cultural experiences. Furthermore, no matter which one you choose, Should you travel for the food, for the view, the story, your revitalized faith, or to meet new friends in the wild. As long as you’re sharing the value of new experiences with your family and truly letting yourself get swept by the enjoyment of doing something new, then that makes travel all the more precious.

Because these types of exploration are the ones that the young ones will take with them as they enter the world themselves.

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