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Bratislava Places to go for a Romantic Day Trip

25 Jan 22


Bratislava is commonly gone to by travellers for a day trip. Usually going because it’s just a drive away from Vienna; Bratislava is a quaint little city in Slovakia with great potential to become a romantic destination. And here’s why:

Crowning Glory of Bratislava

Crowning Glory of Bratislava

The ever-living icon of the city remains to be Bratislava Castle. (Though Sometimes jested to look like an upside-down table because of the four towers) This castle used to be the sanctuary of the Hungarian Crown Jewels for almost 200 years.

The Castle sits on the hill-top of the city centrum and becomes a picturesque sight from many places in the city. (Bonus tip: One of the best places to take pictures in the castle is from the fortifications.)

Today, the Bratislava Castle houses the collection of the Slovak National Museum and functions as a house of parliament.

The Romantic Ruins of Bratislava

The Devin Castle, nestled 30 minutes away from the Old Town, is a great place to add to the list. More than being a ruined castle, Devin Castle presents a great view of distant pastures and green landscapes. You may even see Austria on a clear day just across the Danube River. Enhance your travel experience and make the most of your visit by exploring comprehensive International tour packages that offer seamless arrangements and a chance to discover hidden gems like Devin Castle.

UFO in Bratislava?

The UFO Tower Bridge or Most SNP, or New Bridge, also known as “The smallest tower in the history of towers within the World Federation of Great Towers” — redundant much?

UFO Tower Bridge

This tower and bridge’s existence comes with a tinge of bitterness for the locals of Bratislava. With only a half a willing heart to embrace modernisation, this tower bridge with its space-ship looking observation deck wasn’t something the people was very keen on having around.

However, it stands today as an interestingly-designed modern piece of architecture. The UFO Tower with its observation deck is free to visit for tourists who want to get a good view of Bratislava.

There is much to see in the Old Historical Town

What could be more romantic than walking on cobbled streets and passing by quaint little coffee shops through narrow alleys? There is truly much to see and immerse yourself in, once you find yourselves at the heart of the Old Historical Town.

Old Historical Town

But that’s not all this town can offer. The quirky statues scattered throughout the complex is one reason why the Old Historical Town of Bratislava is quite famous.

working man statue

Also known as the working man statue, this friendly guy is just chilling greeting every passerby from an uncapped manhole.

Bonus stops:

St. Martin’s Cathedral: Known for its interior detailing, this church was built on what used to be a Romanesque church and bears witness to 19 Royal Coronations in Slovakia.

St. Martin’s Cathedral

Get swept away by the calming and serene gush of pastel blue and gold at the Blue Church. This picturesque and fairytale-like structure mausoleum was built in dedication for Medieval Princess and Saint Elizabeth who was born in Bratislava.

Blue Church

“Dobrú chuť”, Bratislava says

It’s not a complete trip without culinary experience. If the French people say, Bon appétit. The Slovaks respond: “Dobrú chuť”.

Here are the food masterpieces you simply must try in Bratislava:

No detours, plunge straight into the main course: Bryndzové halušky is one of Slovakia’s National dishes. You may find variations of this dish in neighbouring European countries but guaranteed you’ll never find one quite like how the Slovaks make them.

“Halušky” (Ha-lush-ki) are potato dumplings similar to gnocchi. First, they added personal Slovakia touch of Bryndzové which is sheep cheese. Finally, (and optionally) add a sprinkle of smoked bacon and sausage for the final touch. Perfect to share with your date.

Next on your must-try is Kapustnica, a cabbage soup with buttery undertones complimented well with chorizo.

Since you’re already in Bratislava, you might as well try Hungary’s take on Goulash. A hearty stew is known around Eastern Europe.

Which one of these experiences is you most excited about? Let us know and contact AFC Holidays for your future holiday in Hungary.