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Travel Under 3500 AED To These 7 Countries

20 Jan 22


Did you know it was possible to travel under 3500 AED? When we think about travelling, we too often associate it with dropping in a colossal amount of money. Some may even never consider travelling a possibility because it’s way too associated with luxury living.

Contrary to popular belief, travel has become accessible for everyone more than ever. And with wellness travelling at its highest peak, it means travelling for the sake of taking care of your emotional disposition and overall mental health is most advised.

Is it possible to travel under 3500 AED?

Is it possible to travel under 3500 AED?

A lot of things would weigh on your mind when you are planning a vacation. This heavily involves the season for traveling locally and to your decided destination. This accordingly breaks down to how much the air tickets, hotels, and other things cost. For a stress-free and well-organized travel experience, consider exploring the benefits of International tour packages that provide comprehensive solutions, including airfare, accommodations, and other travel essentials.

Furthermore, applying for vacations and your budgeting without breaking the bank is A LOT. So at least for the lean season, here are 7 countries you will most likely be able to travel to under 3,500 AED.

Please note that this information is valid at the time of writing and publication (January 2022). The approximations include Airfares, 3-Night Hotel Stays, Transfers, Orientation Tours, and Travel Insurance with COVID-19 Coverages. These approximations may change with time and demand based on various economical climates.

1. Switzerland

First on the list, is Switzerland tour package. (Can you believe it?) This country is deemed the most expensive place to visit for the longest time. However, being able to stay in Zurich can open up a lot of possibilities to explore the Swiss Alps.


Wouldn’t you enjoy having excursions to various popular attractions that one would usually only see in movies or in others’ travel stories?

However, a 3-night stay in Zurich is completely possible starting at 3,400 AED covering the most basic needs of a trip such as Airfare, Hotel Stay, Transfers, City Tour, and Travel Insurance.

2. Kyrgyzstan

Are you one to enjoy destinations that are rarely heard of or talked about? In that case, Kyrgyzstan is probably your next destination to visit.


This country has a culture built by around 80 different ethnic profiles, and offers both the feeling of a quaint city experience and a refreshing mountain views with beauty comparable to the Swiss alps.

Stay in Bishkek under 3500 AED for 3 Nights. To acquire the basic needs of a trip the starting may cost as low as 3300 AED.

3. Albania

Albania is growing to be a popular European getaway destination since 2021. Offering multiple scenic towns like Shkoder, Berat, Kruja, and more.


Start off your next Albanian getaway by staying 3 Nights in Tirana. This can cost as low as 3069 AED including all the basic requirements of a trip.

4. Azerbaijan

One of UAE’s most popular destinations for short weekend getaways, Baku tour packages offers a lot of options to be able to take a trip and explore multiple popular towns within the country.


For under 3500 AED, travellers have a full opportunity to stay in Baku, Gabala or Shadag for 3 nights, this can cost around 1800 – 2800. If you’re looking to stay in multiple cities for 4 nights, it will still be under 3500 AED.

It is such a flexible country that anyone will sufficiently enjoy exploring. If you’d like to know more about how to prepare before travelling to Azerbaijan.

5. Georgia

Another destination that’s very popular among UAE residents and citizens is Georgia Tours. It also offers multiple charming towns for exploration. Some of the most popular cities in Georgia include Tbilisi, Gudauri’s Scenic Peaks, Lopota’s Lake City, and Bakuriani’s Ski Resorts.

In under 3500 AED, you can acquire all that you require to travel. It can cost around 1900 to 2300 for a stay in Tbilisi or Gudauri. If you’d like to dedicate 4 nights staying in multiple towns, this can cost from 2400-2800.

Do give our article Georgia: Georgia Travel Guide Before You Go to make note of some must-knows in preparing a trip to this lovely country.

6. Armenia

Just like Georgia and Azerbaijan, Armenia Tours has been a long-time must-visit for people in the UAE, it is one of the easiest countries to start with especially if you’re someone who’s just getting started with leisure travel.

You are fully able to have a 3-night stay in Armenia’s most popular destinations Yerevan and Tsaghkadzor, this can cost around 1800 – 2300 AED. If you’d like to dedicate two nights in each town, it will still be under 3500 AED.

Our article Armenia: Armenia Travel Guide Before You Go is definitely a must read if you’re interested in this country,

7. Egypt

Egypt has been a long-time travel goal for many avid travellers. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be able to personally come and experience seeing the pyramids and hear tales of old civilizations in person. Finally, Egypt Tours is fully accessible and affordable for anyone to come and visit.


You’re fully able to stay in Cairo for 3 or 4 Nights with all your travel requirements costing around 2200 – 2500 AED.

So the next photos of the pyramids you’ll see will have you in it. How exciting!

Travel under 3500 AED with AFC Holidays

In conclusion, let’s not waste away our days waiting. Every season of the year is a good time to travel. If you’re thinking you can seize an opportunity to explore later on, what’s stopping you from traversing your doubts and take a chance on realizing some of your dream destinations now?

Travel under 3500 AED with AFC Holidays

If you’re looking to know more about how to make a travel under 3500 AED work, don’t hesitate to speak with our team handling customised tour arrangements and see if they have anything else that may be more fit to your interests.

We love taking you places!