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Moscow Eye Candy For Your Inner Photographer

06 Jan 22


When we think about travelling to Russia, more often than not, we have misconceptions about what to expect. The Russia that we see on the telly and the movies that we watch would often have us feeling intimidated. There’s really so much to see in this beautiful country that I just can’t wait to share with you. But for now, I’d like to start off with Moscow.

Moscow is such a rich city. In the sense that this one post may never properly justify and cover everything you need to know about it. That being the case, this post covers what you simply must see in Moscow! For an enhanced exploration of this vibrant city, consider checking out curated Holiday packages from Dubai that offer a perfect blend of cultural immersion and memorable experiences.

The Moscow Football Phenomenon

Did you know that since the 2018 FIFA World Cup that was held in Russia, Moscow has been steadily growing as a travel hotspot? It’s true!

I know Moscow today has us thinking about “Red Square” (and we’ll get to that shortly). But before there was a hype about Red Square, there was an equally large hype about Nikolskaya Street.


While there are so many streets in Moscow where the open-air festivals happen, none of them raised the bar in popularity as much as Nikolskaya Street did. After the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the football fans gathered here, the picture taking and crazy-partying just went for ages! Hence, making Nikolskaya Street the “Football Street” of Moscow.

Another interesting story about this is the fact that to this day we don’t know for certain if people traveled to watch the FIFA World Cup, or if it was just a reason to come visit Moscow. For instance, China had 223,000 tourists come to visit Moscow during the time of the world cup, but China wasn’t even playing! Whichever the case, I cannot blame them. It is an immensely beautiful city that I wouldn’t miss the chance to come to visit!

The Immortal heart of Moscow

The Immortal heart of Moscow

No Moscow travel plan is ever 100% without stopping by the most majestic Red Square in all its colorful glory. It is arguably the core of being in Moscow. Its panoramic view fascinating people ceaselessly through the course of the years.

One of the things to definitely look out for when you get to the Red Square is the Place of Skulls. This was said to be where public executions occurred back in the day, of course all cities are riddled with stories like this. In reality, it was just where religious ceremonies are held.

Today, it is merely known as the place where the members of the Pussy Riot shot their iconic video about Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin.

Cover just about half the trip at the Red Square…

It has been established that Red Square is the heart of Moscow, and that’s not far-fetched because of what you will also find in the vicinity…

Moscow’s Old-timer and Constant Observer

If Singapore has The Merlion, then Moscow presents you The Kremlin.

The Kremlin is a fortress that serves witness to many Russian Rulers. It stands as a testament to the Cold War that passed as well as the many downfalls and growth that built this nation.

The Kremlin’s complex houses Russian citadels including 5 palaces, 4 cathedrals enclosed by the Kremlin Wall and its towers. The Kremlin serves as the residence for the President of the Russian Federation as well as a museum.

If you were to purchase an entrance ticket to The Kremlin; there are 5 church-museums to be found. This includes the Patriarch’s Palace.

You have the option to include in The Armoury, Diamond Fund Exhibition, or the Ivan the Great Bell Tower separately.

Otherwise, The Kremlin is best viewed from Sofiyskaya across the river.

The Proud Art of Moscow

The Bolshoi Theatre is the epitome of drama. Proudly standing with its six-tier auditorium and very well-known for its ballet performances. If a night of the glamorous and exquisite taste is what you’re going for when you go to Moscow then The Bolshoi Theatre is your best bet at making your trip a 5-star experience.

Consistency in Aesthetic Taste

If there is one thing to commend Moscow about, it’s how they have a consistency about making things grand and wide and glorious. Take their iconic GUM Department Store, for example. With its colossal-scaled glass-panel roof that brings in so much natural light onto the entire shopping complex. It really is already so overwhelmingly satisfying just strolling around even if you’re simply window-shopping.

And by “consistency”, we mean throughout the city…

The same aesthetic allure is apparent throughout Moscow seeing how they designed the Moscow Metro Stations. Save for New York City’s Grand Central Station, I don’t think any other city has ever had the idea to invest so much creative freedom into their Metro Stations. Here are a few eye-teasers to give you an idea…

Novoslobodskaya Metro Station

Novoslobodskaya Metro Station

Mayakovskaya Metro Station

Mayakovskaya Metro Station

Victory Park Metro Station

Victory Park Metro Station

…and that’s just three of them!

Moscow’s metro stations are such aesthetic dreamland that it has actually become its own tourism destination for the City of Moscow. Travelers are dedicating an entire day (or more) just to gawk at how beautiful these places are. I’m not one to question why!

Take the perfect selfie with the face of Moscow…

We talked about the heart of Moscow, now let’s talk about where you need to take a selfie. St. Basil’s Cathedral is totally the hotspot for that Moscow selfie. It’s the perfect statement to announce, nay broadcast to your social media following that “I am at MOSCOW!”.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

Did you know that Instagram gave Moscow the second place in being the most photographed city in the world? They surpassed London at having most tourists use their Geotag, being second only to New York City.

They have published over 40 million posts with the #Moscow.

…and that’s nothing surprising because St. Basil’s Cathedral, with its unique and crazy-colored design is unique to Russia, and Russia alone.

Other sights to see:

Victory Park

Victory Park: An al fresco museum in memory of the place where Napoleon waited in vain to be given the keys to the city as his troops surrounded Moscow in 1812.

Gorky Park

Gorky Park: A park where you may find many activities to be done like cycling, ice skating or urban sports. You may also come to visit Darya Zhukova’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. There is also Gorky Park Food Row where you can come and have a bite to eat.

Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts: The premier museum showcasing Russia’s finest collection of foreign and European Art.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Lenin’s Mausoleum: The burial site of Russia’s most beloved leader Vladimir Ilych. On the other hand, be sure not to try and snap pictures when you get there.

Lastly, Moscow is one of the major cities of Russia. Hence, it remains to be one of the safest locations for traveling. Furthermore, it is said to be relatively safer for a metropolitan area in comparison with cities like London or Paris, for example.

Compared to how it was before, Russia is now becoming more and more open to receiving visitors because it’s seeing a great opportunity for growth in doing so. With that in mind, it’s good to take this time to come to visit.

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