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United KingdomC-Tourist 6month MultiAED 1050
United States of AmericaB1/B2 Pleasure & Business VISAAED 1199
CanadaVisitor Visa10yrs Multi (under 6months)AED 1299
TurkeyTourist Visa AssistanceAED 263
UAETourist VisaAED 420
SingaporeTourist E-VisaAED 450
AustraliaTourist VisaAED 950
KenyaE-Visa TouristAED 385
BrazilTourist VisaAED 850
ArgentinaTourist VisaAED 950
South AfricaTourist VisaAED 650
MalaysiaTourist E-VisaAED 450
JapanTourist VisaAED 450
KoreaTourist VisaAED 450

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