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Here is why you should go to Finland

02 Oct 18


Here is why you should go to Finland


The coastal city of Helsinki, Finland’s capital is touted as one of the best cities to live in and of course, to visit. It is rather laid back, thanks to its island-like vibe – but don’t be fooled. Helsinki does a great nightlife too. And of course, you can sip beer whilst seated on ice in an ice-bar too! But that is not the only reason to visit, right? Well, that too. And of course, for the big public sauna (perfect on a winter day), some amazing and fresh seafood, your chance to go island hopping! But besides that, it is one of the best places in the world to watch the Northern Lights!

What to see in Helsinki


Take a tour of the city for its most popular highlights like Senate Square, Lutheran Cathedral, Uspenski Cathedral, the Presidential Palace, City Hall, the Parliament building, Finlandia Hall, and the Opera House. The city is full of museums, if you’d like to learn the history or get a little adventurous and sail out to Suomenlinna, an 18th-century maritime fortress located on an island. Explore the captivating city of Helsinki as part of your Europe Travel itinerary, discovering its rich cultural and historical gems.

Go see Porvoo

When it comes to history, delicacies, and colourful wooden houses Porvoo is the place to go. Rows of houses painted red is Helsinki’s main attraction. Plus, the area is full of stunning cafes, shops, museums, and restaurants.


After soaking up the vibe of the capital city, head to the official home of Santa Claus – and yes, you don’t have to wait until Christmas to greet him. He is here all year round! The city’s gorgeous riverside vistas make up for the rather plain architecture, but of course that is what you came here to see, right? We’ll have you know that this town is just 5km south of the Arctic Circle so it is possible to cross the line and you will even get a certificate.


While you are here, you must visit the Santa Park and spend time getting to know the elves or even become a part of the Elf school. Here it is all about Santa and his elves, snow and fairyland adventures.

Reindeer Safari

Get on the sleighs and go on a reindeer safari. On this safari, you will go through some amazing uphill and downhill trails. This is your chance to relive the Santa moments (now you know why Santa delays your gifts). To celebrate your safari, enjoy a sip of some berry juice, an absolute must. For more thrilling experiences and insights, refer to our detailed Finland Travel Guide to make the most of your adventure in this winter wonderland.

Reindeer Safari